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Invisible Wall crashes?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RobertJ, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Playing a co-op season with a friend, on one of the early tracks his car just exploded for no reason on a track during practise.

    We put this down as a one off, but now it's becoming quite frequent. On the final bend of Monza my car exploded as if it had hit an invisible wall, I put it down to a possible track glitch as I was near the outside of the bend going in when it happened. It did it again during qualifying on the same bend (but I was in the middle this time) but thankfully I'd put in a decent enough time already.

    Now on Suzuki it goes and does it three times during Practise for Qualification between the two of us!!! All in different places.

    The only thing I can think this might be is some sort of Ride Height bug? Where running with a very low height (we both use 1 or 2) is resulting in a collision with the ground, that instead of producing sparks is producing a full blown impact with a solid invisible brick wall.

    Anyone else getting this?

    (We play with no assists, full damage, tyre wear/fuel off)
  2. People have reported the kerbs on the second chicane of Buddh can take off the front wing or wreck the car. On the exit of the first turn on Melbourne, I drifted too far right and clipped the wall on the outside, which wrecked the car. It was only a slight contact.
  3. yeah and the styrofoam adverts that line the track as well as the bollards on the chicanes also destroy your car, very realistic crap.
  4. ive hit bollards with no problems...even the nurburgring one which everyone says is glitched out.
  5. The downhill kerbs on the 1st corner of Nurburgring gave me quite a few crashes 87% total damage i drove down the kerbs and boom my car was totally damaged...
  6. well it is a pretty steep cliff if you cut the corner......wouldnt be suprised to see that drop damage a low-riding f1 car IRL
  7. I have never seen this bug. Done quite a few 100% races and taken out quite a few bollards and styrofoam signs...
  8. If anyone is taking out styrofoam signs in the wet...those signs are big, and if you soak one with water they are reaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyy heavy. maybe this is an explanation?
  9. As I say, these strange crashes are happening ON the track, sometimes in the absolute middle of the road. Nowhere near any signs or from cutting across kerbs on corners. :(

    They've only happened to us in Qualifying and Practise sessions though, and never an actual race.

    Are you guys all running with 1/1 ride height?
  10. It has happened to me in both Suzuka and Melbourne. In Suzuka, I ran over the outside curb in the first Degner and it wrecked my car so I couldnt complete the session.

    In Melbourne, I was a bit wide in after turn 4 and it gave me a front left puncture and a broken wing, pretty sure I didn't hit the wall or anything so it must have been something else..
  11. Every story people say always involves "i ran wide" "i hit the curb" "i hit the sign" "i hit the bollard"
    the bollard is the there for a reason, esp in nurburgring. Try running over it with 1-1 11-11 springs 11-11 rollbar, your probably bottoming out extremely+crashing the front wing.
    The only "dodgy" crash I had was 2 I had in Monaco, one when I ran wide in the tunnel, which I attributed to the particular angle I hit the wall at(it broke off my left front, I had survived other similar crashes at this spot with only wing damage).
    The second was coming through tabac and getting out of shape on the right curb, which through my backend to the left. I was close to the right-hand wall but felt like the car was going across the track when my front right got written off. I guess I misjudged my car's direction.
    I've seen the "glitch clips" on youtube where cars hit the bollard and go flying in the air but have yet to see ANYTHING so extreme.
  12. that seems to think the indestructible signs and braking zone markers have to be changed? I know they probably wont be but sometimes the stupid AI force you off the track just enough to destroy your front wing on one of these things. TOTALLY UNREAL!!! WTF I am sick of this crap. I cant even post about it on CM forum because I have already been banned for speaking out about last years farce of a game. I only kept my 2010 version for about 3 dys before selling it, can anyone tell me if was the same way as this years version. I cant be the only one who thinks they should at least make these things either where you can drive through them or make them moveable like in every other f1 game. I think on GP4 you could simply drive through them as if they were not there. If they can fix the AI, this issue and the replays, it will be a fine game I think. sorry for the rant guys.

    bump bump bump bump????? wtf anybody else?? or is everyone so blinded by the pretty graphics? i hope this isnt just like the cm forum where the game is perfect and anyone who points out flaws is a TROLL..

    on a simliar note, I was running my graphics benchmark the other day and hamiltons car got stuck on the bollard right after the swimming pool. I had to just switch off my power supply cause it wouldnt even let me controll alt delete out of the game. it would still be stuck now if I hadnt switched off the power. one more reason those objects dont need to be the way they are. I know many are already defending codemasters decision because of whatever reason. doesnt make sense to me. are those objects like that in real life?? NO. somebody please repost this in the CM forum for me cause I am not making a new email account just to register on their very biased site again. thanks for reading racedept forum.
  13. Massa just crashed into invisible wall IRL. :D
  14. taq


    I've had the car randomly explode just by running my outside wheels on the outside curb of turn 9 at Sepang once at low speed. Couldn't reproduce it no matter how many times I tried.

    I have a feeling that "something happens" and the physics/collision detection algorithm over-reacts sometimes to the car going through the circuit's own collision model. After that I decided to just enable flashbacks in career races in case that glitch came up.
  15. This wall wasn't invisible... It was bigger inside of curb.
  16. taq


    It made the car come to a complete instant stop as if it had hit a wall and all possible detachable parts came off including wheel and mirror on the other side.
  17. yeah like i was saying. i was running the monaco benchmark and hamiltons car got stuck on the bollard after the swimming pool. i had to power off my computer manually or it would still be stuck. that was like two weeks ago.
  18. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This is nothing to do with cars running wide and getting damage due to low ride height, etc. I just finished an online league race at Sepang and going between turn 10 and 11 I got my left front on the kerb and my car just came to an immediate stop and exploded into bits like I had hit a brick wall. End of my race after 29 of 42 laps.. very frustrating, Ride height was set at 3/3 so noting to do with running it too low.
  19. My video =P (Turkey)

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight