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Interview with Stefano Casillo

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Vaggelis Theodoridis, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Sorry for making a new thread but i had to post it somewhere :rolleyes:
    I posted in the AC section also.

    Huge new interview with Stefano Casillo!
    Jon Denton asks him a lot things about netkar pro and how things went till the final release of netkar!
    Much stuff to read not only for netkar but for Stefano and the hole team!
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  2. That's a great read, thanks for sharing. And good job by Jon.

    Had to LOL at the netcode talk :D

    And a bit depressing about the crack(s), didn't even know they existed. Shame.
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  3. Very nice journalism piece of work Jon:thumbsup:

    Its very interesting to read all the background, ups and downs on Stefanos's work with nKPro ... thanks for this! ... and thanks Vietname for refreshing Stefano's head:)
  4. Well i bought game recently but... damn now i have some insight why nobody is playing online. Release incomplete product. 2 years break, release massive improvement, 2 years break... Very good read!
  5. Thank you for posting this :) Very nice to hear whats going on inside Kunos :)
    I will defiantly remember netkar for a looooong time :D

  6. I remember peoples problems with right configure of steering wheel - most of those guys just give up at the start, their loss...

    Shame that Stefano doesnt close on main aim - hardcore single-seater's sim. In my point of view, 500, Osella and Vintage are just some kind of mistake

    Good job Jon, you are the man!
  7. can you explain why?
  8. Again? I explained everything in my post
  9. You don't explain anything, you just state your opinion.

    It was netKar's main aim when it was released; extreme realism and a lot of attention on the physics, so they only had limited time to work on the cars. Stefano never stated the aim was single seaters only. I'd say that is just something you happen to like.

    We all have our preferences, but we can't expect the sim to be the perfect sim for just your or my needs and wishes. The sim needs to be succesfull in order to grow and to have a sustainable development. If you read closely, you can see the sim became more and more succesful when it got less and less hardcore. There are just very few truly hardcore simracers out there. Unfortunately there are not enough of us around to make enough money for a developer.

    Back on topic; Thanks for the interview Jon & Stefano! It brought back a lot of good memories. Testing for 1.03 long long ago... Stefano was releasing a new built almost every couple of days back then with bugfixes.. so many things had to be fixed, it was crazy. Some builts were horrible, but in the end it really worked out for 1.03.

    I had the best simracing times of my life back then. Who else was racing in the Gpchampionship bij Jaap Wagenvoort? It were the days were you had a whole week of pre qualifying, trying to be fast enough to get yourself in to group A... and if you finally managed, you had the race on sunday or saturday evening, with Full mode on. In qualiying, that meant, that if you crashed, the repairs might took longer too long to get your car fixed before the race. If you wanted to change a setup, you had to wait a few minutes to get the changes done... it gave the races a really big sense of realism and tension, all the way through. When exiting your pit stall, you were so carefull already, awesome!

    A short movie of 'back in the day':

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  10. That is true hardcore sim :thumbsup:
  11. Precisely! :thumbsup:

    What is more, you have a proto, several single seaters, a small but fast car, and 2 vintage GTs. Interesting choice of cars, with some preponderance of single seaters. Rather good for most people's choices.
  12. @Requiem84
    In general, you just have confirmed my opinion. Nothing more to add. You should look for an interview with Stefano (dont remember source of this interview, maybe Auto Sim Sport Magazine) he said precisely about single-seater cars. I will send you link to PM if you want when I find it
  13. I read all the interviews by Stefano, there is no mention of non-single seaters being what you stated: "In my point of view, 500, Osella and Vintage are just some kind of mistake".

    They are not. Actually, Stefano admits that once he introduced non-single seaters, sales took off.

  14. I'd like to read it :)