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Tracks Interlagos 2013 Trackupdate 1.0


  1. Bertin submitted a new resource:

    Interlagos 2013 Trackupdate - Bertin

    Thanks to @Reddvers and @chargingcar for their textures

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  2. How are you changing the Placement of the Banners and then Resaving the PSSG?
    I Would just like to know the way you are going about it :thumbsup:
  3. Wow. Seriously. You only waited 2 days to re-release most of my textures in a different order. I would like to type what I really think but I would probably get in-trouble.

    Shame on you. Do original work and post it.

    Thank you.
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  4. Check out the discussion at Monza in 2013 trackupdate by TTM75. There is a manual.
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  5. Yes. I used some of your textures. They are very well done. Thank you. I am particularly concerned about it, these textures to put on banners to match the real location.
  6. LOL. Thanks, you saved me the hassle of having to prove to the admins that you "stole" much of my work.

    I have pm'd you but can I ask you publicly why you did not feel it polite to ask for permission to use the work myself and @chargingcar did ?

  7. I did not know that I have to ask you. If I used the next time your work, I ask you. Thank you again.
  8. Theres always one person who steals other peoples hard work m8 :thumbsup:
  9. No comment...........but..........looking forward to your next work........I know what you did with the object file takes a lot of work and patience. That is impressive. :thumbsup:
  10. Great job, Bertin!!
    Thank you!
    Please release your Lotus , with logos Burn on the bonnet ;)
  11. Realese Lotus: Skins - Lotus Abu Dhabi 1.0.
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