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Interactive story mode Career Mode, become a legend! (2018 season) Have your say!

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by MustartMatters, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. MustartMatters


    Greetings, you might know me from a couple of transfer mods, well, I'm making plans to make a mod that is interactive, where the people of racedepartment can contribute to the future modpacks and vote on the next season!
    Quick storyline:
    You've impressed in your second season in f1, it's time to step up and make a move to a top team to finally challenge for wins. Kimi Raikkonen has retired, and Ferrari have offered you a contract, the most prestigous team on the F1 grid. It's time to move on to the next phase of your career.

    So why is this mod different? Here are a few points:
    1. The people can vote and make decisions, the players will be able to vote on changes, new features and everything regarding the future of the driver's career. The mod will be based around the decisions made by everyone, so in order to play the mod in the best way, you need to choose the decided team, I've chosen Ferrari, but don't worry, you can vote on future transfers!
    2. The mod will be as immersive as possible, the mod will include facepacks and skins with extra features.
    3. The mod will also include the work of some of your favourite f1 modders, I will get in touch with a few to get permission.
    4. This mod has a story! It's like those books where you have scenarios. For example;
    The time has come to sign for your new team, do you want to stay or go on to greener pastures. (strawpoll will be included so you can decide your driver's future).
    5. Every season will be brand new, every new season will be different, unfortunately that means you need to start a new save every new season :(
    6. This list will be increased!

    Fernando Alonso has signed for Mercedes, which will reignite a long lost rivalry between two drivers.
    Bottas is without a drive, where should he go?
    https://strawpoll.com/b5xd7x5 - go decide!
    Kvyat has been dropped from Red Bull, where should he go?
    Sainz has decided to leave Toro Rosso, where should he go?
    Perez will leave Force India, where should he go?
    1. This is a fantasy mod
    2. The results might not go your way, I'm sorry if your decision doesn't happen
    3. Votes might be won, if 2 drivers get voted into the same team (Bottas,Sainz and Perez all get voted into Renault or Lamborghini, there will be another vote to make a final decision, as there will be only 1 spot in each team.

    Please leave any suggestion/comments/ideas!
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  2. MustartMatters


    Votes will stay out until I start making it,
    By the looks of things Sainz will go to Renault.
    Votes for other drivers are very close!
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  3. MustartMatters


    Current standings:
    Kvyat-Force India, replacing Perez
    Bottas & Perez - Lamborghini