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Installed mods...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by mS_design, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I have been happily downloading and using the mods since october..however, this week I didnt visit for a while so I downloaded the enhanced audio and ken block skin and replaced the files.. now my game wont load from the modded game, i tried replacing them back with my backup files and nothing happened..and now my backup original from codies wont start either..
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! oh and also I cant install the patch as the serial code is "invalid".
    Thanks in advance
  2. I always use GME to enable Mods, that way in a click of a button I can activate or deactivate individual mods.

    I use the Audio mod with no issues, not used the ken block skin though.
  3. GME? is that a program to add mods to and then filter them into the f1 folders? thanks for the tip :thumbsup:
  4. Hi
    i´m trying to use GME but it dont work,I get the mods in and export them and it looks like they are actif but in game they ar not there what is wrong GME not working.jpg
  5. I was going to start a thread about this (kinda) but now I don't need to.

    What I want to know is are there any combinations of mods that are known to make the game crash? Since the patch (and lots of mods), I've been getting 'F1 executable has stopped working' - last time was after 30 odd laps of a race - so I was pretty pissed. Could it be the mods or the patch? One other thing - over at Codies forum, someone forced the game to run under DX9 after getting loads of crashes, and since then he doesn't get them anymore. Could DX11 be causing this, especially as my card doesn't even support that?