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info btb

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by 207 gti, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Good evening, I open this discussion, because they are two weeks, I can not enter, the site, every time I put the pasword tells me......

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  2. ebrich


    Select "Forgotten username or password?".
  3. no no, I have not forgotten your username or password, insert username and password, click login, but whenever I get this written, are two weeks that I have this problem ............
  4. ebrich


    Yes, perhaps, but the first thing to do is to change your username or password by selecting "Forgotten etc".
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  5. Hello everyone!
    Forgive me if I write in this discussion, but I have almost the same problem.

    I visited BTB site, and got registerted and sended email to creator, but I did not get any reply.

    Someone knows if is stil active so I can buy BTB Pro

    Please help me...
    thx to everybody!
  6. ebrich


    Did you purchase BTB? Look in your spams, for the licence Email.

    Otherwise, as far as I know, its still active.