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Info and News

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Spotter Guide
    Presto GP - 9th Season (2/2012)

    (Last Update: September 2012)

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  2. _____________________________________________________
    News Thread

    Besides introducing the league, this thread will now have an additional purpose of informing drivers and followers of this league about interesting and important events of any kind during the season.

    This thread is meant to be for announcements, so like before, if you'd like to chat about a topic please use the "Season 9 - General Discussion" thread.

    Since posts wont be made very frequently, I recommend using the "Watch Thread" option at the top of the page to get a notification whenever a post has been made.
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  3. Forum Changes

    As some of you may have seen, the Pacific Division Forum has been inactive latey.
    After making sure Steve is okay with it, the Pacific forum will be deactivated for now, the content of the European Division will completely be moved to this directory and the "directory buttons" will be deleted.
    (in the picture bellow you can see what I mean by directory buttons)

    What does deactivated mean?

    Deactivated means that none of the Pacific League content is being deleted and also the league URL will still be working, there will just be no "directory button" pointing to it.
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  4. 1st Racing Club Preparation Race open for Sign Up
    Sign up here.

    As it will be routine for all upcoming league races, the Racing Club Preparation Race two days before the main event is now open for Sign Up.
    I highly recommend all league drivers to take part in this 22 min race (one stint) and use it as a final test under racing conditions before the actual league race.
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  5. The forum has now been changed as described a week ago
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  6. Live Stream Official!
    Im very glad to tell you that I just got confirmation about todays race being broadcasted live with professional commentary. Once broadcast starts it can be accessed by the Live Broadcast Button on the right side.

    More Information throughout this day, if you have questions I'll try to answer them in the General Discussion thread.

    P.S. The video Ive already shown you earlier has a complete title now.
    The secret is revealed :)

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  7. Live Stream
    Todays Hungaroring - League Race 1 will be broadcasted live on Simrace.TV
    starting at 19:00 GMT.

    Tune in and enjoy Formula Sim Racing at its best!
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  8. Race 1 Hungaroring

    Complete Live Stream can be rewatched here
    Results can be found here and here
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  9. Steam Game changes
    Steam has released a game update which completely restructures the game directories.
    The Update is very big and takes a while to download, so it's recommended to update the game as soons as possible.
    All mods will have to be moved to the new directory, a detailed tutorial on how to do that can be found here.

    Season 9 Track Pack
    All tracks of this season are now available in a 200 MB Track Pack over here.
    If you already have some of these tracks, they installed can simply be overwritten.

    Besides that, tracks can now also be downloaded seperately on Mediafire.
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  10. RD Racing Club event
    Spa preperation event (this moday) is open for sign up over here, please use this opportunity to prepare for wednesday :)
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  11. Spotter Guide Presentation
    I would like all drivers to check if the information and the skin in the spotter guide is correct, should something be wrong please tell me via PM, thank you :)

    Please always stick to the skin listed in the spotter guide so that you can be identified in the live stream.

    Original Size

    Small Size
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  12. Race 2 Spa Francorchamps

    Complete Live Stream can be rewatched here
    Results can be found here
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  13. Top 8 before Race 3 Monza

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  14. nevermind
  15. New PrestoGP.com Frontpage launched
    The new Frontpage is now online.
    Notice that the design is not final (e.g. spaces between sign up box and and images have to be added) and that 2 links are not working yet .

    Hotlap Archive launched
    A new project which is also implemented in the new front page is the Hotlap Archive.
    This Playlist shows all hotlap videos uploaded on Youtube by Presto GP drivers sorted by trackname.
    So far Reik, Sean and David's Hotlap videos are included but the list will be extended soon.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Biggest Improvements
    1. Nicolas Rouge (+4 positions)
    1. Valerio Vinassa (+4 positions)
    3. Kurt Kjellin (+3 positions)
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  18. Desktop Wallpaper

    For all drivers and supporters of the league there is now a Presto GP desktop wallpaper available over here :)

    New Youtube Channel Design

    The Presto GP Youtube channel has reached 1000 views and has now a new style,
    check it out..
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