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Featured Infamous Mount Panorama Circuit coming to rFactor 2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Alex Franchini, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Bathurst_01.jpg
    Image Space Incorporated has announced with a quick press release that rFactor 2 is getting the infamous Bathurst track.

    The Mount Panorama Circuit is currently in development via their third party affiliate program, which means that it's going to be made by a modding team in collaboration with ISI. If rFactor 2's track record is anything to go by, we're going to end up with another stellar addition to the sim.

    There's no release date at the moment, but we're guessing it's going to be available in the next couple of updates.

    More Bathurst is always a good thing, since the topsy turvy Australian circuit has gathered a worldwide following among simracers and motorsport fans. The track is currently available in official form only in Project Cars, Raceroom Racing Experience and iRacing, whereas other racing games have to rely on mods.

    Bathurst_01.jpg Bathurst_02.jpg Bathurst_03.jpg Bathurst_04.jpg Bathurst_05.jpg Bathurst_06.jpg
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  2. Damn and i thought its released :(
  3. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    How is it not a good thing if ISI works with them, to ensure quality and topnotch support on all fronts, mainly letting them focus on the game, new features and/or attaining and creating licensed vehicles or even creating other tracks. More official quality content is always better right?
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  4. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    On twitter they said it is in final testing so we might be lucky :)
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  5. I dont want them to test. I want to test it :cautious:
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  6. I think your forgetting the official iRacing version.
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  7. "The track is currently available in official form only in Project Cars and Raceroom Racing Experience" iRacing?
    Btw we can't tell right now if this is a good thing or not. It seems (and I hope) it is but first we have to see what have they done with Bathurst.
  8. tjc


    This is gona rock!

  9. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    Iracing has an official laserscanned BATHURST
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  10. Great news, but....
    Its always the new Bathurst, never the old Mount Panorama, which actually had charecter that gets modelled....
    The real Bathurst track is barely a ghost of its former daunting self these days, encased in a coffin of concrete & no longer fit to be raced on in the same way it was originally intended- on motorcycles. :cry:
    I'm not knocking the hard work modders are putting into this, just airing my long held disappointment of whats been done to the original.
    Best of luck to the modding team & ISI with this version & I certainly look forward to seeing how it turns out!;)
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  11. fortyfivekev


    Not sure why anyone would vote no. RF2 needs third parties to produce quality content especially with the (relatively) slow pace of first party development.
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  12. Lazarou


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  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Just to help get you in the mood for the ISI Mt Panorama.
    This is an Australian Top gear tribute to the Legend Peter Brock.
    If you were a young guy growing up in Australia these saloon cars were all we knew and Brock was our Senna. He won Bathurst 10 times and was simply known as "The King of the Mountain"
    Dick Johnson was his arch rival and also hugely successful at Bathurst. I have had the privilege of being a passenger on track with Dick Johnson (at Eastern Creek). He is always the same. Staight talking, laconic, charismatic. The driving sequence and Dicks interview on the mountain are priceless.
    Quite amazing that Brock and Senna carried the same livery in the same period. You might detect some other similarities if you transpose Prost for Johnstone in the interview.

    And one more for anyone that wants to feel the mystique and history of Mt Panorama and Peter Brock.

    This next part was written about a 90 min race we did last year on an unauthorised update to Rf2 of ORSMs great RF1 track. They witheld authorisation to use it so it was never driven again.
    Its a bit of fun if you like. Its followed by the full video.

    The “Blown Diffuser”
    Bathurst Special

    On the eve of the Race Department 1.5 hours of Mt Panorama we have had our principal Endurance Car reporter David O’Brundle (previous winner of the Halfords Staff Go Karting Xmas party) to give us the lowdown.

    Mt Panorama Overview and background.
    The track: Mt Panorama is the heartland of Australian Motorsport. Since when in 1938 the mayor of Bathurst had the vision to camouflage his intentions by calling the track a “Scenic Road” when applying for a budget in the cash strapped post-depression era.
    The Bathurst 500 was the biggest thing in Australian Motorsport. The nation (or at least every red blooded male) would stop for the 5 hours or so to watch the telecast. Legends were created by winning even one. Multiple winners became icons. For this race Channel 7 brought us things we now take for granted in international motorsport such as “Race Cam” live onboard shots.
    In the late 70s innovative teams started to recruit international stars to co drive with local legends. In 1977 Jacky Ickx won on debut (not done again until 2011) teamed with Allan Moffat the Canadian born superstar who made Australia home after learning his trade as a junior mechanic with Colin Chapman (rumoured to be for food and board). He came back to Australia having purchased one of Chapmans Lotus Cortinas and the rest is history.Vern Schupan also raced.
    It was a two way street and the top Australian drivers saw international events opening their doors. Larry Perkins a 6 time Bathurst winner managed P4 at Lemans.
    F1 World Champions: Jack Brabham features in this period and sadly Dennny Hulme lost his life to natural causes on Conrod straight.
    The word started to spread about this enormous challenge in NSW Australia. By 1984 and with the help of race cam and the awesome sight of a full grid on an opening, the spectacle of Bathurst started to get more attention internationally. A trickle of internationals began and some famous names that came to race include Franz Klammer the Downhill skiing superstar. Ivan Mueller (Ivan Miller to the announcers!). In 2014 Mika Salo co-drove with local legend and one time team mate of Juan Pablo Montoya in F3000 Craig Lowndes.
    The internationalisation of the event reached a peak in 1987 when the World Touring (Cosworth Sierra, E30 M3 etc) cars raced the home grown machines. For a time there was a lull as the V8 supercars dominated but like the US Nascar series whilst followed passionately by the local fans did hold only niche appeal to international audiences.
    The germination of the 12 hour was in 1990 when a 12 hour series production race was held. It moved for a time to eastern Creek but returned bigger and better to the spiritual home of Endurance racing in the Southern hemisphere, Mt Panorama. In 2011 the GT3 class 12 hour was first held and Mt Panorama was back on the international stage.

    This race........
    Drivers comments:
    David O’Brundle has been about in the paddock and gathered a few snippets from the gathered internationals. Comments include:
    “When I first got here and did 20 laps I saw the lap times the 911GT3 was doing and figured they were super strong here. But it was learning this track and setup and driving technique was the answer. I got on the pace but its super hard to overtake here. The top of the mountain needs so much commitment it’s awesome.” Frederick Shornstein.
    “It was an intense battle with Freddy in the short practice race and one error meant I was down 3 places.” Aleksi Kivelä.
    “I thought I was on it but in the R8 I was +3 sec. I was invited to try the setup from the Figjam racing 05 Marlboro 911 GT3 and within 10 laps had found 3 sec. I thanked the team and found a drive in the 911.” Yuri Kasdorp
    Local in Focus.

    David O’Brundle has been granted access all areas to the Figjam Racing teams 911GT3 Campaign. Here is his interview with their driver and team owner David O’Reilly.
    Firstly the choice of car? We love the Porsche 911. It was not eligible for the Laguna Seca 1 hour and that’s why we drove the Nissan GT3 there. I reckon it suits the track. It’s got a strong top speed and is agile if not particularly stable down the twisty bits. Some setup and care where you are pointing under brakes minimises its tendency to want to swap ends under brakes.
    What about the livery? It’s a tribute to two Bathurst legends. Peter Brock and Larry Perkins and is a replica of their 1984 race winning Holden Commodore. The crowd over the mountain love it and I can hear their cheers as we pass.
    Your chances? It’s a very strong field. There are 4 or 5 proper aliens that will head up quali. Even from here in NSW I have heard of Marçal Bonet Andreu, Frederic Schornstein and Aleksi Kivelä. I was hoping Oscar Hardwick would make it too. I know the track well but have to accept that I am 2 sec of ultimate pace of the aliens. If I can get into the top 7-8 in quali it means I will be in a position to take advantage of any problems the quickest may have. We hope for P5 and also not to be lapped by the winner.
    What about the story we broke that Yuri Kasdorp drive your car and changed teams?. Well he didn't change teams as his principal sponsor agreed the deal but yes our "spare car" was purchased and re painted to Yuri's team colours and we agreed a deal to do the engineering to bring it up to our setup specification.
    Was that wise? It seemed a lot wiser when I was going 3 sec faster than it did when he matched my lap times.
    We hear you got P2 in the LMP1 curtain raiser yesterday? Freddy was toying with me.
    We leave David O'Reilly as he prepares for a Breakfast TV interview.
    1st lap
    will see 6-8 cars fall off the tarmac so there is a lot to lose / gain by staying safe as tyres come in and we see some racing room appear.
    Cars. Any make can win. The pace is quite equal. Some are easier than others through the twisty bits down the mountain such as the R8, The Aston Martin benefits a lot from setup and is very strong under barkes into Caltex Chase. The Nissan GTR feels very good too. Easy to drive. One or two are stronger into the chase under brakes. But skill, sense and concentration will have a bigger impact.
    Strategy Its parc ferme incl fuel. We will see a mix of 2 stop guys going very fast. And 1 stop guys looking after tyres and keeping the car in one piece. Someone may do one long stint and one short one but it’s questionable as the long stint will be slow at first (Fuel load) and slow at the end (tyres).
    Our money says the pit lane will look like George street at Xmas shopping time at about 45 mkins race time.
    Marçal Bonet Andreu’s
    ability to run fast and save tyres puts him in my top 3. It’s a mystery as to his pace here as we haven’t seen him on the server yet. Frederic Schornstein has huge pace anywhere anytime. If he can keep it safe he will be my pick for a podium. Aleksi Kivelä also fast and a good starter. There are several drivers who are new to this series and I’m sure that there will be one or two aliens amongst them.
    The one thing we do know.....
    Mt Panorama is a cruel mistress and anything can happen.

    Welcome to Mt panorama. Enjoy the race

    and the race that followed.

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  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    mt Panorama resurfacer.png
    The week after the laser scanning?
    Yep it is Mt Panorama.
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  15. Not any more... :p

    Spa, Zolder, Zandvoort: Those i know well: all out dated. :redface:
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  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Its available to download now :thumbsup::D:thumbsup:
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  17. Bathurst Now Available

    Located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, sits a 4-mile rectangle of public road draped over a mountain and out onto the slopes beside it. With a strict speed limit of 37 mph to restrict the racing fan on a pilgrimage, Bathurst features an impressive series of tight turns and alarming elevation changes that make it seem too small even to accommodate everyday traffic.

    Those few times a year when it is closed off, thoroughbred race cars unleashed, speed limits removed, and drivers fight side by side with inches to spare are a fan favorite in Australia, more recently becoming a worldwide sensation.

    3.86 mile roadcourse
    One of the most technically challenging tracks in the world, it can seem oddly easy to get into a rhythm. Anti-clockwise in configuration, it does seem like most of the difficult turns are medium speed left handers.

    The overall course layout is rectangular with one corner occupied by a mountain. The mountain section is very tricky, blind, and enclosed in concrete walls that are very easy to slide into. Watch your tires carefully because once they start to go off you’ll find those concrete walls seem closer and closer to the racing line, whether you like it or not!

    Bathurst is a free addon for our racing simulation rFactor2. After being sourced from one of our affiliates, it was worked on by ‘mianiak’ with a little help from gJED, our modding tool.

    Download the track: 343 MB – Profile page: View
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  18. If you've raced on mianiak tracks in the past, then it's pretty obvious which touches are his :thumbsup:
  19. Lazarou


    It looks nice, and it drives stunning. The most fun driving round Bathurst in any sim by a mile (can't say I am surprised it is RF2). Hustling a GT car round the mountain is a pure adrenaline rush.

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  20. Stenne


    When I try to load the track I get an error message:

    "gMotor 2 Error"
    "Error loading src temmp Surface GRAS_SLOPE02_NORM.DDS
    Error loading texture GRAS_SLOPE02_NORM for material DSTG_SLOPEX2OV"

    and then a second error message box saying:

    "gMotor2 Error"
    "Error loading global material DSTG_SLOPEX2OV"

    and then crash to Launcher.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Or has got any clue?

    I have downloaded the file twice with the same result.