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India Dropped and 2014 Circuit Roundup

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Austria back is good, but we need more Classics such as Magny-Cours and Imola
  3. Agreed! I'm excited about Port Imperial and Austria, but I'd love to see Magny-Cours and Imola back on the schedule. Unfortunately that won't happen though, there'd be almost 25 races!
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  4. Kacper Kolodziejczyk

    Kacper Kolodziejczyk
    Keep calm and race on! Premium

    Couldn't agree more about Imola. A track in my top 5 favourite tracks in the world and Magny-Cours is just a fun track, but it isn't going to happen. I have to say Austria is more than good too! :)
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  5. good news
  6. Sochi International Street Circuit looks like a cart track and not an proper F1 circuit
  7. It's great to have the A1 back.
    Last photos I saw of it, cows were grazing on the grass and weeds were growing through the surface.
    I was so upset.
    Anybody have actual pictures of the renovated circuit?
    The contractors must be going 'flat-out' to recover it in-time for the race next year.
  8. It's Red Bull Ring - so who has the money they revamped it in time for 2012 already, Porsche Carrera Cup, DTM and Formula Renault have already Run there already.