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In Game Car Club

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris DiMaso, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    I was poking around the forums and was wondering if there were any plans to start a RD Car Club within Forza 4. With the addition of Rivals mode and a shared garage it could add some fun between events to compete with each other on the leaderboards.


  2. i did put this to bram and this is what he said

    i would be up for doing a car club (even if we cant use the rd name), give it a few days for people to get the game and get cars
    i have a forza 3 save so im fine. imported some cars and 60,000 credits. (whished it was my 1.1 million cr)
  3. Are there any limits to the size of a car club?
  4. We could always have more than one - by region/continent/ability(!) etc if that was the case
  5. i dont think there is a size limit and i like the idea of more than one club wayne i did mention in the forza 3 league chat that we could have a team of the league. if every one wants a car club id be happy to set one up
  6. Gaz

    Xbox: Crazy Gazza Premium Member

    I would join the in game club when it is setup, just let me know the name.
  7. Interested as well!!

  8. Why not just set up a (RD) club and see how it develops within FM4 - there are probably features we are unaware of at the moment ....
    For example - can you be a member of more than one club?
  9. Gaz

    Xbox: Crazy Gazza Premium Member

    I have asked on the main Forza forum and it looks like, you can only be a member of 1 in game club.
  10. right then il start setting up the club. keep an eye on the forum as each person will need to regester in a thread keep your eyes peeled
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