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Import Track by BTB to rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Max59, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hi boys I have a problem stò trying to realize (I try) the Road layout of the Mugello I have made the run (Km 66,100) with Google Earth I have cared him in BTB I have regulated the altimetria when I try to care him/it in rFactor it tells me that it is not possible considering that with other layouts of normal length (from Km5 to Km10 around) I have never had problems I wonder me if even it is not a problem of length of the layout. Can someone give me a help? You excuse for my bad English Thanks
  2. What's your native language? I was thinking that if there were someone here who could help you without google translator :)
  3. Italiano
  4. I think Max59's problem could be related to panel length.....
    After approximately 35km's track length, 5meter panel lengths stop working after export unless either the route data is made into smaller sections before importing the route data or increasing panel length to 10 meters then breaking up with 'road section' tool & the tighter parts of the track (eg hair-pin turns) changed back to 5meters or lower....
    I used the first method on an experimental 225km point-to-point route & the second on an 80+km circuit route.
    I hope this is of some use, I look forward to trying it out some day!
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  5. Yeah, of course.. I was just thinking that it could not be 66km long Mugello so thought it was a translate error..... Didn't kno wthere was a road course back in the days.
  6. Thank you Kennett and Lee
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  7. Be sure to post some screen shots at some stage please, the track map looks VERY interesting & like a very nice drive!

    Assicurati di postare alcuni screenshot in alcuni stadi per favore, la mappa del tracciato sembra molto interessante e come un disco molto bello!

    (I hope that came out right....)