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I'm stuck with Singleplayer it seems

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jippyuk, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I installed this game quite a while back and recently got round to updating it to 1.07 I think... Games run fine up until now though I admit I've pretty much always played Singleplayer and just done timetrials.

    It shows as being 1.07 now ingame. Apart from the fact that nearly all the servers I find in my list are empty, if I find a server which has 1-2 people in it I always get a problem of some sort of reiza mismatch error and just sit in the garage watching other people lol.

    I've checked my folders and its definately there and doesnt seem corrupt. I also have another 3 of them in there from the DLC I'd downloaded.

    Really dont fancy downloading the entire client again, apart from the fact that my internet connection at the moment is currently useless for downloads, has fast pings but downloads take forever even with download managers.

    I dont recall ever having changed the file so unless those servers (6 of them I tried) are all running modified configs maybe?
  2. Buy it...
  3. Useful reply. I did buy it. When i referred to downloading it again I was talking about the trial I had used originally and then converted into a full product by applying my product key.
  4. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Reinstall v1.7 patch
  5. Okay can I just install the patch over the version I am currently on or is there a way to uninstall the patch first?
  6. Sorry but you discribed exactly the problem cracked games have.
    So, sorry if my answer was wrong ;-)
  7. Okay will reapply the patch in 30 minutes when I get home and see if it makes a difference, thanks for the help! Np patrick just want to get a few games going. Still dont understand why I'm not spotting any populated servers (at lunchtime when I tried last) not many people play this or something online?
  8. The best time is 9.00 PM and 2.00 am (brasilian players).
    The best solution is to find a league. RD is a good one.
  9. cant figure it out. Reapplied patch, can race the f3 cars without an issue, just the stock one.
  10. One of my teamate bought the game yesterday. Same problem... mismatch reiza1.rfm (online)
  11. Its really odd, I was on a server last night, did about 30-40 laps with a few other guys in practice rounds in the f3 car and was fine, no lag crashes messages about reiza mismatch files.

    Just seems like that one file somehow is corrupt or changed somehow compared to the version everyone else is using online. Maybe someone whom has a working copy should try passing the rfm file across. Did you provide that to your team mate who purchased the game yesterday? Did it resolve his issues?
  12. He will try to reinstall all the game.
    I can try to give him the rfm yes.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    There are also a lot of drivers on public servers with a not so official game i think that are driving without the patch?
  14. Problem solved.
    In fact my teamate cracked the game first to test deeply and buy it after. Didn't know this detail.
    So the crack is still in the registries or something like this.
  15. I already said that 30 min demo is a bit to short to decide about buying the game.

    Don't forget that for many people this is more an RF mod and they are saving their money for new games that are coming, so to convince them that this is different, 1 hour or 2 would be better.
  16. I agree, 30mins for a sim is crazy, I barely had time to make any judgement.
  17. I bought it without even trying the demo. :) And I am a very happy customer. My money was well spend, a shame I flushed my 40 euros on a crap game like F1 2011.....
  18. Don't say that, it's great, my kid is World Champion in there, he love's it!:D
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  19. You're kid is Viktor Andersson? :D Just kidding.. The grafix are great... the international circuits, but it has just too many bugs and "rammers". Even after patch 2 ... :( I feel it has been a waste of money... It has been probably the last time I spend money on a CM product....
    At the monmet I am saving money for rFactor2. :)
  20. Why is F1 2011 crap{apart from MP}..?