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I'm Getting Promoted!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by John Martin, May 30, 2011.

  1. Well I have don well over 500 laps worth of time trials today. Did a race,but some idiot ran into me. I was racing the clock all day today to beat the cut off time. It went down to last TT which boosted my SR .50. Did something like 300 miles in a legends car today and man am I tired.
  2. Congrats!
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Nice isn't it :) Well done!
  4. Nice Congrats!
    Me and my friends that I signed up with a few weeks ago all promoted out of rookie in ovals yesterday and in road a week ago by getting our ratings up to 4.0, it does feel good for sure.

    Now to concentrate on the skippy and open wheel as God intended :)~
  5. I rushed to get promoted as I wanted to get into open wheelers but ive found the Skippy to be quite disappointing. Was wondering if I should try and get the required SR with some Skippy events and go concentrate on the Star Mazda.
    Can anyone tell me how this drives compared to A the Skippy, and B to an F1 car.
  6. Well just in my limited experience with the Skippy in practices it drives much more like an old GPL car then a modern open wheel car but it will sure teach you how to properly corner a car and how important your line is when im afraid that if someone jumps straight into the Indy Car or Mazda they handle so much better and stick to the track so much more one might miss learning some of the more important aspects of driving an open wheel car.

    From my practice in the Indy(my Favorite by Far) and the F1 car they stick to the track like glue and are very forgiving cars unless you just totally dont pay attention where as the skippy forces you to learn how to drive properly or you wont be fast and your rating will suffer from off tracks and incidents for sure. I am chosing to the Skippy route in order to learn properly and I am in no hurry now that I have gotten out of Rookie class is the way I am approaching it.

    Hope that helps and keep in mind those are just my thoughts I could be totally off my rocker :)
  7. Well before I got Iracing I was doing the F1 1992 stuff with Rd and loved the amount of changes you can make to the setups and learning what each one does, which is why I am hoping the Mazda is more F1 than Skippy.
  8. I've just been running time trial too. Did a few Street Stock races when they were giving out SR for people below 3.0 a couple of weeks ago and they're brilliant fun. Couldn't quite get to grips with the legends but it feels good now I can race the Late Models.
  9. Steve,

    IMO the Star Mazda is like a baby Dallara. I find it much easier to drive than the Skippy (but then I find driving the Dallara and the Williams easier than the Skippy, lol).

    There are some who cannot come to terms with the Star Mazda, but I personally don't think you will be disappointed with the car, especially if you like to drive open wheelers. On certain tracks with the right setup, the Star Mazda is a joy to drive.

    The Skippy seems to be universally seen as one of the most difficult cars to master in iRacing, but with this it becomes a great learning tool to understand the nuances of driving. If you can master the Skippy, I would say you can master anything else in the service.

  10. I couldnt get enthusiasm for the Skip so I bought the Star. A few laps of Brands around the 1;29 mark with maximum wing and it feels good and ive got something to work with.
    Need to do some Skippy TT's or races to get my next license though.
  11. The key to the skip is not to chop the gas, be nice and smooth, and use the brake with a slight bit of gas at all times. I think to pass up on it would be a real downer, there is a reason it is the most popular road car. This skip is a great car to really come to grips with the iracing system. It gives really good feedback throu the wheel that is often missed with some of the higher level cars. If you could dedicate a week or two to just the skip I think it will change your view of it. Just my two cents. Congrats on the promotion.
  12. My question about the Skip Barber is everyone who is fast in it drift it? That is my only concern because even as far back as GPL and how much I loved that sim I suck at drifting a car. I hope that I can find speed without having to drive it in full on rally racing mode like a lot of the videos I see...
  13. Well I don't consider myself a fast guy and not really much of a drifter. I like to call it anti-rotation practice, so what may look like a drift to others is only me adding in steering input trying to keep the back end from coming around:wink:.
  14. :) Good point!
  15. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    The Skippy is a difficult car to step into when you just did your MX5 races. I started iRacing on Friday on Season 1 - Week 12. After I hit the R4.00 I immediately went for Skippy. I first practised some and then hit 4 TT's to get that MPR condition covered. I needed about four or five races to get to C. By Monday I was driving Star Mazda. It's worth it. I wouldn't try Skippy in a championship, personally, as I find ti quite a handful, but I'm totally hooked on Star Mazda as it is much more comfortable. The SM only get tricky when you really push it, but it generally has a lot of grip and feels very friendly. Star Mazda likes you. ;)
  16. Yes I have noticed that. The Star Mazda is a joy to drive for sure. I am looking forward to getting into it fulltime. That could be the series that I stick to for quite a long time when I get to it. It is still more challenging then the Indy car but quite fun to drive and gives you that taste of a modern open wheeler.
  17. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    Personally I think the IndyCar is more of a challenge to drive. But the Star Mazda just provides really good racing.
  18. That Indy Car is a dream machine. I love love LOVE that car. Its on rails and I would marry it if it would have me :)