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Skins ICGT Ferrari F488GT3 Team Easy Race Rev2 Rev 2.1 2016-08-21

ICGT Ferrari F488GT3 Team Easy Race

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  1. Spaces in the folder name?
  2. Hi, i write here because i can't replay in the overview tab.
    With "Un'altra" i meant there's already one version of this skin (and probably there will be mine, too, sooner or later).
    But if another one is coming, it's a good news anyway. :D
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  3. I know that making skins take a lot of time and energy, for me it is natural to thank you! great job on this car! ;)
  4. Ah ok! I thought you liked it and I wanted another. :D Instead the other I did is that of F488 Easy Race and Lamborghini Huracan Team Ombra.
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  5. Sorry, sorry, I forgot to put underscore!
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