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I really want to go PC, but....

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rob, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Wise Forum:

    I am currently on the xbox one with a 28" Benq Monitor, 1080, unsure of the other specs, but I think refresh was higher because of your advice. I have a Thustmaster TX Italia which I absolutely love.
    I also have another monitor, which is about the same size, but I'm not sure it has the same refresh/Htz specs, EXCEPT it's also 1080p x 2400 or whatever the standard is.


    I got a gift cars for about $750 this xmas and was wondering...

    Can I use this to get a new Monitor and a PC that will run Assetto and rF2 and pCARS, etc., well enough for me to be awed by the triple screen and PC diversity? I am no PC expert, which is why I resisted the switch, but couldn't I run both the PC and xbox one, and just use the PC triple screen?

    If you think this is a reality...where do I start to look and what kind of specs to I look for? What's the most important part (I really don't want to build it) besides the video card and are there any really solid PC gaming systems that you know of? I don't want to be struggling to change settings because I have to compromise to play, but I realize we all can't run at the max.

    Basically, I'm looking for a really solid system for under $500 and a monitor for about $200. I can find them, but I just don't know if they would work for gaming well.

    Thank you so much for any advice.
  2. You need quite powerful and expensive computer to get good frame rates with high quality graphics when using triple screens. Personally I would use that 750$ for buying a good computer with out any monitor.
  3. maybe it's just me, but since I keep my PC 4 years, the PC part one cost me in the $3K range, anythings less does not work for me
  4. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    I have been finding specific gaming boxes but, as usual, PC gaming is more expensive. Of course, I'd love to play Assetto and GSCE at 60fps on max settings, but even the $1000 systems are reviewed onl to lay most games on medium settings at 40fps. Graphics would be about the same or worse than the xbox one.

    I don't understand how a $450 xbox can beat a $1000 PC wen it comes to fps and graphic quality. But....
    Let me take a guess: The games available on the computer are not only more SIM but they have physics engines which blow away the xbox. Whould that be accurate? Or are "medium settings" really getting me the same or better fps and resolution than the xbox?

    Even this midrange is out of budget:

    I was hoping PC gaming had become affordable.
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  5. Get a used gaming computer and hook it up to your TV. Game Stock Car will run good on a pretty basic computer. You can always upgrade down the road. Beats the crap out of Xbox or Ps.
  6. Robert, to answer your question, a $450 console can't beat a $1000 PC when its comes to fps and graphics quality however it may seem that way for a few reasons. Most consoles don't have to render the game at full 1080p, some games are lower resolution and upscaled to 1080p, however this nifty little trick can be done on the PC too but most people just prefer to play at full 1080p or above. PC's can use higher graphic settings and most people like to do just that, however its entirely possible to play PC games at lower graphic settings to match a console's settings. There are no consoles that are able to play at higher graphic settings than a $1000 PC could do at the same resolution and framerate. Consoles do get a slight advantage though in overhead resources(CPU, Memory, Graphics). The OS is scaled down to the essence of what is needed to run the console, apps, and games where as a PC is running a full blown OS which tends to eat up a bit more resources. I could really go on and on at the differences but based on your statement, I could build a $1000 PC that would be faster than a console every day of the week. However, if you had said how can a console be faster than a $500 PC, then you would have a pretty valid argument because its easier for game developers to optimize games for a set platform like a console where they know the hardware is the same for everyone where as a PC, they would need to optimize for a dozen or more different configurations since PC's vary wildly in hardware specs. Yes, it is cheaper to game on a console with more consistent results, however like everything in this world, price doesn't always scale with results to get better results on a PC, it can cost considerably more, but that's no different than comparing a $1000 PC to a $2000 PC, the differences get a lot smaller even though the cost goes up considerably.
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  7. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Economy of scale. A console is a single spec machine, built in huge numbers and often sold at a loss. The money is in software sales.

    A PC is a more expensive outlay for hardware but software is generally much cheaper, and, provided you build a good rig, games can be played at higher resolutions and frame rates.

    I honestly don't believe console gaming is any cheaper in the long run if you play a broad range of games.
  8. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    I play a very small range of games, but the last post helped put the icing on the cake. I think I get it now.
    Blkout, thank you for that detailed explanation and to everyone else. I think you were all very insightful and basically in agreement, but came at it from different points of view, which is exactly what I needed.

    Since I only have about $500-700 max, I don't want to get one of those Alienware boxes and have both PC headaches (for the novice) and a system that isn't that much better at what I want to do...just race. pCARS specifically. And F1.

    But I do envy you all and not just because you can afford these machines, but because of the knowledge you have about them. I went a different direction in school, so it's somewhat foreign to me, although I could lean. One day, I'll join you guys. Thanks again.
  9. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Oh, and this will help a LOT of console users who are really struggling with which way to go now. There are so many factors to consider, but trying to compare the console to a PC is like herding cats. You all made it less difficult. Thanks.

    As for my many wheels, all I can say is, avoid Fanatec like the plague (at least the CSR really was crap and their customer service downright fraudulent). When I got on the Thrustmaster TX Italia, I was awestruck. For a true SIM racer, I can only imagine having the full setup, a la Rene Rast, even though he has a Fanatec (the $10,000 one is probably ok, lol, but I can't imagine a better bargain than the TX. Maybe a used G27. But I hear Logitech is stopping development on wheels for SIM racing.
  10. Robert I grew up playing consoles and I still play them today but I got hooked on PC gaming exactly 22 years ago. I was 17 years old and fell hard for the original Unreal game. That started my addiction for PC gaming and led me to buy an Alienware PC within that year. That was the first and last PC I ever bought from an OEM and I started building my own PC's within the next year of purchasing the Alienware PC.
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  11. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    It's so tempting, but I'm sure PC guys would rather not consider these console wannabes as part of the PC gaming experience. I get that. I just didn't want to fall for it without more input from the experts.
  12. own everything. That is what I did last generation anyway. Got a xbox 360 when it was cheap. Got a used PS 3 for cheap. Got a Wii. And I am a PC Gamer. why restrict yourself.

    I have not really found motivation to get any of the new consoles yet. Partly because they aren´t cheap yet.
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    There's some great knowledge in here.

    As an Xbox refugee I might add...

    I have a system almost identical to this one.
    Purchased 2 years ago it was nearer £600.
    It runs RF2 at quite high settings at 80-100FPS. So more than adequate for single screen.
    Importantly the FPS has been improving consistently due to game optimisation and ATI continuing to improve their drivers (card software). About every 6 months I can up the graphic settings as a result. What would have got me 40 FPS 2 years ago gets me 120 FPS now.

    I think triple screens need a stronger GPU not CPU. Especially RF2 which doesnt utilise all the extra CPU cores well.
    So a £100 spent on a better single* GPU (the bottleneck) will yield a good cost benefit.
    *RF2 doesnt use mulitiple GPUs at all yet so its no help to have 2 cheaper ones which apparently works on many other games.

    Screen wise. maybe you can use the TV as a side screen. Need to check on this whether you can have different refresh rates in various screens within a triple setup.
    You main screen should have say 2ms response. A TV has 6 ms.

    The scare stories a year or two ago were all about FPS. It doesnt get a mention now as its improved hugely. So you dont need the mega spec PCs you needed once. The guys who own them wont like to hear that but thats my view.
    PC and graphics card prices for a given performance level drop regulary as new top spec items are released at the same price points as their obsolescent forebears.
    So game optimisation, hardware prices and graphics card optimisation are all moving in a good direction which means its getting cheaper and cheaper to Run RF2.

    I havent had to buy an Xbox game in 3 years or pay a £40.00 pa XB live fee.
    So thats poss £100 p.a. saving. So theres £300 back.

    And every week I have a new car or new track to drive all for free!
    I never looked back except in fondness for my Xbox racing buddies.
    EDIT; Calum Mclure runs triple screens in RF2.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
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  14. You can have OK computer with out a monitor for 750$ as long as you are willing and able to build it yourself. Building a computer isnt really too difficult as long as you can follow instructions. Biggest problems occur when one of the components is DOA or incompatible and you have to figure out what is the cause of problems.
    Im sure you can find better deals but here is one quick example what you can have for 750$.