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I played with the keyboard

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Abdellah Maya, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. hello everyone
    I like to played with the keyboard, is there a possibility to activate the steering wheel help as in GP4 because too difficult with the keyboard.........I have the steering pad but I prefer the keyboard

  2. I feel your pain. I've been playing the GP series since GP2 only with a keyboard and GP4 at pro/ace level, with pole and wins in all the races and the only assists we can have are auto gear, traction control and steering help which is the only way to actually drive with the keyboard.

    F1 2010 is quite hard to play with the KB. I'm trying a career on Easy, to feel the game, (just got it like 1 day ago). I could score a 3rd, a 2nd and 2 wins in 4 races with pole in 2 of them with the Lotus. Hell yeah, Easy is eezzy as far as AI is concerned but I can only do 20% races because it is a real pain to control the car with the KB, particularly in the turns.

    I would also like to suggest to people posting setups that they include their lap times in their posts. Please? It is the best parameter for us to use someone's setup. If we can match it, we're doing it right. Else, our driving style/control requires different setups.

    I'm so used to GP4 setup system, which uses whole different system and much more options. However, it also uses actual measure systems like lb for pressure/stiffness, metric system for car height, not sure what is the system for wings but it works too.
  3. I agree with you...
    I hope someone makes a tweak .... the steering pad needs much time to learn the cues
  4. You cant be serious... playing a racing game with a keyboard? Gamepad sure, a wheel ideally, but a keyboard?

    i've heard it all now ^^.
  5. I think most successful one better than the people wheel... but many years of practice with a keyboard all gp series
  6. It works very well for most racing games that I've known in some 14 years of gaming. But I'll hand it to you. All of them have some sort of Steering assist to compensate KB input. Grand Prix series even let us determine how much of the KB input is translated into action in the game, from 0% to 100%, with default 50% working very well but still, the Steering help is a MUST for KB drivers.

    But with this game? I could do well in all tracks before Monaco but now I go "Holy @#$%" in RAGE!

    Driving at Monaco with the KB in this game is being the worst gaming experience ever for me. Such a shame that a great game let us use the KB as control but then give us no way to actually control it! It definitely needs a Steering help of some sort.

    In regular racing tracks up to Monaco we can compensate the lack of it with some skill, I guess, but there's no way for that to work in a street circuit without some sort of Steering assist. Touch the turning <-> keys and we're automatically at the guard rail! Don't touch it for a millisecond and there is the guard rail again!

    I'm seriously considering leaving the game at the shelf if Devs can't come up with some help for KB drivers. At least it should say "Controller other than KB is required" not just recommended, in the game requirements.
  7. you're absolutely right RageGT....
  8. Its a racing game though, dont you even have any desire to just use a steering wheel? improve your experience, fun factor, and your performance a thousand times over. I get the thing with brake and steering help as its in GTR2, but that is basicly driving the car for you, i cant see the fun or point in that.

    Not to forget that this game was made for the console and the pc version is simply a port of that, so it is optimised around having a wheel or a gamepad, either in any case will make you more competitive.
  9. The most important thing is to have fun
  10. We are not all that blessed to own a wheel or gamepad.
  11. A good wheel can be expensive, but surely you can buy a gamepad for pocket change?
  12. wheels are expensive but gamepads are dirt cheap even cheaper than xbox controllers and surely cheaper than PS3 controllers sony are a rip off 25 euro in game shops for gamepads
  13. On just about all other console peripherals however, Microsoft's prices make Sony look like Santa Claus :).

    But I imagine there are PC specific gamepads available much cheaper than the console pads?
  14. Keyboard is legend :D i played F1 Challenge 99-02 with Keyboard, also Grand Prix 4. But, just like rFactor, keyboard sucks in F1 2010 as well. I beat a G27 user with my old non gaming keyboard, and he was like wtf, like I could do 1:20:*** in Australia with the RH 2004 mod. You can also change the steering rate, throttle rate, braking rate etc in F1 Challenge, man that game is a legend. :D
  15. I am also played with keyboard, and there's no any kind of 'feeling' to the track. Racing is really fun, but because there's is no feeling i am maybe buying wheel, maybe :)
  16. I'm playing with a keybord at the moment becasue I sepnt all my money on the game and a good graphics card and now I don't have enough for a weel.:mad:
  17. On my laptop im playing the game with Keyboard too, playing at Legendary Mode, only traction turned on, because, its like almost impossible to get laps done with traction off, since the KB only has a pressed state and a released state.

    Was doing some time trials last night with KB.
    I managed a 1.52.667 on Bahrain with Tuning and All aids off except traction
  18. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    A keyboard is to type text, controllers are for shooters on consoles and race games are played with a decent wheel :)
  19. very true..
    I used to have a Momo, the days when i used to participate in WCG for NFS..
    but the Momo is history, and right now cant afford a wheel :(
  20. Do the dishes for a week and get mommy to buy u a DGFT.