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I need to whine, just for a second

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris Thomas, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. So far today I have played Montreal twice in a row in career mode and am currently trying to get the movitation to complete it for a third time. Here's my story:

    Still getting used to the wheel so been playing with AI on intermediate. Qualified in my Virgin in 9th and finished the race in 18th. Closed the game to get a breather before Valencia. Re-opened the game and I had a corrupt save file.

    Did the save game fix and so I lost my progress at Montreal. Since I've slowly been getting better with the wheel (despite finishing 18th last go round it was due to being an idiot) I set the AI to professional. I qualify 19th this time, which is what I expected. During the (wet) race I kept to 19th all the way around and was feeling generally pretty good. Cross the final chicance onto the final straight to complete the race and.... the game crashes!

    Well, at least I don't have to do qualifying for a third time and just the race eh :tongue:

    End of whine.

    Quick question: Do the objectives get higher if your progress on them has been good? It's just that I'm starting to get really ridiculous requests such as 16th in Qualy and 14th in race. And I even got asked to get 14th in Qualy and 12th in race - in a Virgin! I've been reticent to up the difficulty of the AI to Professional because of this - I'm worried I'll be stuck with them for several seasons due to not being able to complete the goals!
  2. Yeah the objectives do get higher.

    For example I had Williams telling me to qualify 7th and finish 4th! Without any assists, on legend ai that requires some sort of divine intervention over a long race distance
  3. Oh also, your season objectives don't seem to change from my experience...so if you're missing your race goals but are still achieving your season goals your contract offers should still be reasonable
  4. That's a pretty crazy objective haha. Ok cool, thanks for explaining that for me. I'll keep it professional now then since I seem to end up where a Virgin should!
  5. I had a 10th/8th expectation in a Lotus! this coming after a few good finishes in catalunya, monaco, and montreal. it's kind of absurd.

    Also for some reason I can't seem to make any of my R&D objectives on Legend difficulty. The only one I made was at malaysia. but that's a different issue I think.
  6. 3 times is not bad. I ran Spa 9 times between savegame bug, black screen bug, and pit exit bug. I'm really good at Spa now :tongue:
  7. 9 time it's good... But I ran India and Abu Dhabi 5 time each (long weekend and 50% race) due to the save game bug... so I´m really, REALLY good at those! For a moment I thought I would throw the computer out the window! :)
  8. Haha, the objectives: My Objectives, in a LOTUS, is now Qualy 3rd, Finish 1st. Thanks Lotus :p
  9. Are you racing on easy mode or are you just a freak of nature
  10. Freak of Lotus!

    Just kidding, if your question was directed at me, I'm using modified Easy. Autobraking off (Obviously!), Flags and Rules to Realistic. But mostly yes, Easy because I'm a simple minded slow person :)