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I have no replays

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by John Sydenstricker, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. As the thread title says. When I go to replays under the events tab, it says no replays found on your system. I haven't been able to find anything telling me how to set up the replays. What am I missing here?
  2. Have you saved them in game John? If so they should appear in your MyDocuments/iRacing/replay folder. Then you should be able to access it in the replays under the events tab.
  3. Flavien, just uploaded a replay of a hotlap at Laguna Seca. Download this link and place it in the folder that I mentioned above. http://www.mediafire.com/?u4ow95ereek4o3m

    After doing so you should see this file in the replays under the events tab. :)
  4. Thanks Will. How do I save the replay in game? I didn't see that option.
  5. Replays have to be saved manually, iRacing doesn't save them automatically :) Unless your looking for "Testing" replays and they're under a different tab on the same page.


    Open the menu above (square on the right above the cameras)

    To save a whole replay just click the "Save" icon, usually you'll want just a portion of a replay, removing warmup for example or taking a small part to send in with a protest.

    To do that find the start point for your replay and click the icon with the Scissors, "Mark: 12:59" or similar will appear like the picture this will mark the begininng of the replay. Play, fast forward or just jump randomly in time to where you want to replay to end and click save (don't click the scissors again and this will mark a new start point). That will save the bit of replay you want, you can see in the timeline the section that is being saved.
  6. Thanks for putting up this info Simon! :)
  7. Wow thanks Simon! I should probably read the help and user info more but that goes against the "manly man code". Guess I'm not as manly as i thought :) I'll do some more reading.