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I have a Problem with .PLR & Full screen

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ihab Abbas, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I just got my new computer about 3 weeks ago. the operating system is Windows7 64, when I installed rfactor I can not found all the tracks I just found some of them, I also made changes to the .PLR file as usual to prevent head movement and to apply the virtual mirrors in the cockpit view but the strange thing is all these changes did not happen!! Yes the PLR file saved the new changes but I still have the movement issue inside the cockpit view and still do not have the virtual mirrors inside the cockpit!!, I don't know what should I do?! also I have the game not running in the full screen it seams like it is Windowed but I can not turn it in the full screen.

    I noticed that the rfactor configuration when I open it it says that the system running is the Windows XP while I am running Windows 7 this is strange too!! BTW my video card is Radeon HD 7850 2GB.

    Any help please?
  2. Just checking that you know your plr file isnt in the c:/programs directory on Windows 7
  3. I may be able to help with the .PLR file issues...

    Like Mangoletsi said, on Windows 7 (and Vista too), if you have UAC (User Account Control) turned on (and you probably do because it's on by default), your user is unable to make changes to certain directories (including "C:\Program Files\") without authorising it. This includes games. So, although rFactor would have used "C:\Program Files\rFactor\Userdata\" for your player's data on XP, it is unable to edit that directory so it moves all of that stuff to "C:\Users\<<Your Username>>\Documents\rFactor\Userdata\" or something along those lines. So, your .PLR file issues can be fixed in one of three ways:

    1. Turn off UAC, which you can do by going to "Control panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Change UAC settings" Or something like that... you may need to research exactly how to do it if you can't find it :)

    2. Copy your old Userdata folder (including the edited .PLR file) from Windows XP (the one in "Program Files") to the new location in your "Documents".

    3. Move your rFactor installation to a different location (other than "Program Files"), for example I use "C:\GAMES\rFactor" (I use this directory for Steam and all of my games/sims). This is sort of seen as a good idea by the gaming community for Windows 7 due to UAC issues. Plus, it means that it's easier to find your games' install folders when modding etc. because the directory isn't filled up with all of that other Program Files junk.

    Anyway, in regards to you other problems, I can't really help, except that I can tell you that my rFactor runs really smoothly on Windows 7 64-bit so it does work :p
  4. Thanks for your help guys,
    FerrariMan96 I will go with number 3 suggestion, but Should I cut paste the whole rfactor folder from programe files to the new directory "Games" or I have t make a new installation?