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I don't believe it...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mark Schilling, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Have just been working on a track for the past 5 hours and btb kept crashing everytime i tried too add large amounts of vegetation so was saving often. But it crashed when i was saving a minute ago and has corrupted my file. Can't open it now..
  2. BTB does do backups, they are in the Temporary Files folder under random names. Pick a recent one, rename it to a .bin file, open it up and see if it's works..
  3. That did the trick:) thanks. Do you know how to go back and delete multiple items so as i can remove a large amount of trees without having to do it 1 by 1 cause there is'nt a backup before i added all the trees and ingame performance is taking a hit because of them? cause there is a few hundred thousand of them:-D
  4. Ctrl-A selects all if you're happy to delete the lot..
  5. click and hold the mouse button and drag it around all of the trees you want to delete. If you want to add more, hold shift and lasso more trees, then just press delete.
  6. In what view or what window? How do you isolate trees and not interfere with track. Tried it in the object window and pressing delete on each of the groups listed in the left panel did nothing?
  7. With the object-edit window open move the mouse to the 3D view and Ctrl-A. That should select all objects, or lasso selections as Davesta mentioned.
  8. It's inevitable that you'll select some objects that you'd prefer to leave alone, so to remove an object from the current selection, hold Ctrl and click on it (or click and drag around it).