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I change RF2 - (game + lifetime for steam) for F1 2016

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by filolaos, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. I would like to change lifetime RF2 for this game - F1 2016. Its 49,99E cheaper I cant go. Anyone interested? it could be gift (maybe you can get it cheaper then..)

    my steam profile if you wanna contact me, again its game with lifetime (online) subscrition for steam normally 79,99 euros .. I dont have wheel anymore so its useless for me. Thx for your time.
    PS: its steam key so anyone can activate it..
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  2. FYI, rFactor 2 drives much better with keyboard or gamepad than Codemasters F1.

    Plenty of other people enjoy rFactor 2 with just a keyboard.
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  3. Your best bet may be listing your key on e-bay or another game trading site. You'll really struggle to get more than $45-50 for it, before fees, so you'll have to pay the difference for F1 2016 or wait for a discount
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  4. Frankly, I'd hold onto RF2 for a while until you are sure you like F1 2016. There are things I really like about RF2 and things I really like about F1 2016. Right now, I prefer F1 2016, but I'm not sure it's going to last. I don't want to race online and my interest has always been with the F1 cars. I don't drive well enough to see the finer things that separate a game from a sim. I wish I could blend the two together because there are things from each that I really like and that I really dislike. So I wouldn't be in a rush to offload RF2. You might be back here in a short time wanting to get RF2 back.
  5. Hello, I got it since 2012, but like I said, I m no more intrested in simracing. It consums my time and nerves :) I want F1 for single player no brain racing, one day I will buy it, but after 2015 they dont deserve full price atleast from me.. And as I change my RF2 nonsteam licence for steam version, I thought that there will be atleast one person who want it, but probably everybody who wants RF2 already got it :D But like I said offer is still actual RF2 lifetime for F1 2016.... Sory for my english I know its bad but dont care.. have a nice day
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  6. My friend, its not about keyboard. I dont say you couldnt play it on keyboard but its weird. I even dont want to play it on gamepad once you know how superior wheel is.. But its not the main reason. I played RF 1 and 2 so much that I dont want anymore :)

    PS: funny fact, when I first started rfactor in 2009 on keyboard, after one corner I knew that I need a wheel, you know analog input :)
  7. RF2 has one of the most detailed/immersive (if not best) FFB in racing sims. Playing RF2 without FFB wheel is like not using one of the largest features (advantages) of this sim.
    Its like playing iRacing for solo hotlapping.
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  8. Major Disinformation.
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  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    agreed, the ffb in rf2 is way more advanced than any other game ive tried, the only one i havent is iracing.

    i wouldnt say its major disinformation to say that a wheel is best in a sim racing game, especially as he was pointing out that its ffb is the largest advantage.
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  10. rF2's great FFB is caused by its majorly advanced physics engine, which also affect vehicle dynamics regardless of FFB.
    And besides, rF2 has many more major advantages besides this. Great Keyboard support is one of them.
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  11. The point of great FFB is ability to react to varying dynamic conditions and quickly adjust your inputs on the spot by what you feel through the wheel instead of driving by learning specific inputs that are required in particular scenario. Great FFB is the main reason why I find driving thrilling in "modern" sims.
    In addition having responsive/fast/strong wheel (e.g. DD) in a proper sim will provide you a control advantage over someone at same skill level using cheap wheel/gamepad/keyboard.