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I challenge you to beat my #1 leaderboard time

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Tim Cannon, Apr 14, 2015.

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  2. One way of not being able to beat it, is not knowing the car and track? :p
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  3. The link for the video implies Mercedes at Nurburgring.
  4. You sir are now elevated to "transcendent being".
    I laughed so much I had to call a dentist to sort all those teeth that fell on the ground
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  5. It wasn't like that when I clicked on the first time.
  6. Yeah, a moderator edited the link as it was in the wrong place
  7. stevem


    Impressive. Definitely the one to beat in the 1st ESR Reverse GP.:roflmao:
  8. stevem


    How did you get replays to work? Mine has been crashing for a week now.
  9. This is not a replay. I recorded it live with Fraps. But my replays have been working fine. Except I noticed the replays sometimes don't show up right away. After I set a time at Sachsenring, I went to watch the replay and I was mad to see the replay wasn't there. But when I came back 10 min later, the replay magically appeared.
  10. stevem


    Is it to much to ask that dedi server has option to spawn cars backwards on grid?:laugh:
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  11. It´s a punishment to race Nurburgring so no contest here.
  12. What we really want to know is what setup you used to achieve that time ;)