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I can't hear the tirespin

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Don Davis, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Debated making a seperate thread for this, but figured it might spark some interesting discussion. I'll also mention i have alot of hours on Simbin titles, and have been totally addicted to iRacing for the past few months.....

    Anyways. Tirespin, or lack of knowing when it happens is driving me crazy. I noticed that exiting some corners and mashing down the throttle i was losing ground on my competition Sure the revs would spike, but i didnt hear any tire squeel, nor did the car rotate as if the rears had broken loose. Rolling on the throttle a touch smoother (as i would when playing iracing) has yielded some improvement, but it seems this game doesnt give any great feedback for when your breaking loose. For the record this is on max difficulty in a lotus on the Dry setups.

    I think this also is why i just suddenly spin sometimes, i just never heard the rears spinning freely. Seems REVs are the only thing i can use as an indication

    It also occurred to me that with the limited feedback (through sound or FFB wheels) the game gives the player, may be whats bothering some of the sim community. I know i was scouring thru the settings for a tire sounds setting lol.
  2. I'm having a similar issue. This is my first time driving F1; the only other open-wheel stuff I've done before is the IFM in Race On, so I'm still getting used to the amount of excess throttle in the lower gears, and I know I'm spinning quite a lot. Still, I only know I'm spinning in 1st & 2nd gear when I see the revs dancing on the limiter-- nothing else informs me of this, including the car handling! I'm not sure if the lack of oversteer is realistic.
  3. Yes for the lack of ffb response on tyre spin was particularly annoying i thought smashing the throttle pedal was the only way as it's basically a console port not a sim.
  4. thought occurred to me...since the sound is pretty good. and i havent actually sat in an f1 cockpit......

    can F1 drivers actually hear tire spin? i mean maybe the bouncing rev limiter is the key lol
  5. You can always just use your left foot to smash the brake pedal down as you spin and you will find yourself magically pointing forward again with almost no loss in momentum.
  6. in real life u can not hear the tires spinning.
  7. ha...went back to the 2007 F1 mod for EVO and couldn't drive it, lost my sensitivity in both accelerator and brake....just shows how arcadey 2010 is.
  8. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I bought it pretty much as an arcade game for my PC - I wanted it for the single player career mode (I like things like that - sue me :) )

    When I want a sim where I can spin the car on every corner and back it into the barriers, I load up the Evo mod too *grins*
  9. lets go with the term "Forgiving" instead of arcadey :p (i've got a good bit of time on the EVO mod as well)

    I'm at least not pinging off the rev limiter in 2010 now, but i still cant seem to get any sort of feeling for how fast i can lay down the power exiting corners. most of the time i catch the AI under braking, only to see them float away on exit (too little power, too much, etc). heheh.
  10. MP sux as well, only a handful can drive...I'm not even that good with this game, but I won like 4-5 races in a row and then quit.
  11. I know, me too. Once I get this last little detail worked out, I'll have no trouble passing Webber and Hamilton in my Lotus ;)