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I cannot buy this game

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jose Ferreira, May 14, 2012.

  1. There is no opportunity to buy this game in Asia Macau, I tried to use my credit card but it won't support for Macau.
  2. create a paypal account...;)
  3. Macau is not a supported country it seems.
  4. Hi David, thank you for your advised, but actually I have tried before with the Paypal for the donation here but unfortunately it can't make it, let me show you the support of the donation.

    Hello Jose Ferreira,

    Thank you for willing to help RaceDepartment in its survival.
    Your donation will be checked and you'll receive another PM if/when it's confirmed.

    Best Regards,


    David, anyway thank's a lot
    The only way for me to buy games is from Steam and Raceroom.
  5. What about contacting him via email, and arranging a money transfer.....if you're prepared to pay in advance, he'd probably help you one would think.
  6. Hello! I am Italian and I bought nkPo with paypal ... If you want, charge me the money on my paypal account so I buy it and when I get the unlock code via email immediately send it to you :)
  7. jose, did you sort this out ?

    anyway I 'll contact Casillo to point out this, probably there is a simplest way to buy it :)

  8. Stefano told me:
    "tell him to try with macau.card444.com that should sort it out, unfortunately PayPal is the only available online method to buy nK"

    ciao ;)
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  9. Well worth the effort to buy this game if you like sims....

  10. Nice one from Stefano! :) *thumbs up*
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