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hungaroring setup request

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Could someone share his setup for hungaroring? With mine I did like high 1:21. It is good for most of the corners but i got massive understeer on on turn 10,11 and 13. And to be honest I don't have any experience in setups ;p
  2. I feel the exact same.. I do low 21:s most of my laps but I think with a decent setup I could shave of 1-2 secs because of understeer in the last couple of corners
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  3. Check this out: Hungary, I finished 5th with this one, with a few mistakes that cost me some places.
    Now depends on each driving style.
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  4. Here is the World League with the best drivers of world and best teams, I don't believe that nobody will share a good setup :p
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  5. It suited for me, and managed to make a good race, it is a matter of driving styles. Do you think that Bono`s or Morand`s setup will fit every drivers? Not at all. Who is interested, will give it a try to one I shared.
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  6. I downloaded your setup but rFactor doesn't see it. Don't know why.

    I attached a rear anti roll bar. First I set it up for around 130Nm which resulted in MASSIVE oversteer. Now it is at 30Nm and I got rid of some understeer on the last sector. I also set peckers from 0 to 0,2 just for a try but I have absolutely now idea what it is and what does it do ;p
  7. have you put it in your UserData folder e.g. rFactor\Userdata\<NAME>\Settings\Round7 _Hungary because if you havent that is the problem

  8. Yes, I did :) Or maybe not, cause I have two of them, one from 2012 season.
  9. 2012 season setup is not working in 2013 mod!
  10. So is your setup from 2012 mod ? Cause it is still not detected. I am running 2013 mod of course.
  11. ok look from a detailed point of view e.g. go on a tab that says Large Thumbnails, Tiles or Details, click details, if one of the tabs says Date Modified clcik it and find the one with todays or the latest date that folder was used if that one says hungary and its from 2013 put the setup in that folder Problenm solved and said it all without stopping it was said in 15 seconds approx
  12. It is for 2013, but if you put it in the right folder and it does not show up, then press ALL button (ingame) above the setup list. It will show up!

  13. Thanks! Didn't noticed that. I like your setup. Very responsive.
  14. I'm pretty sure that quite a big share of drivers are going to dislike Morgans setups:D Usual they tend to be loose which for him is stable, but I personally cant cope with it at all. Most of the time I have to go my own way on setups.

    As for the new people, try to learn something about setuping if you know what basic changes to make to get some base balance it can help you so much and save you time. Although this years mod Is hard, after 13 years of racing I thought I knew everything but this years mod still surprises me now and then with as result that I'm still putting to much time in this then I really wanted.:roflmao:
  15. I`m curious what feedback I get for the shared setup, this is my first time to share a personal setup, I would like to get some evaluation of it. And also curious what time does other drivers make with it.
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  16. Tried yesterday for the first time the mod and I did a 20.6 with your set up. It feels fast but I don't have other references to compare it.
  17. Thank you Julián for the feedback. There are 31 downloads for this setup and only one feedback, which is yours.

    Still waiting for other feedbacks. Don`t thank me, just let me now how it feels: good, bad, no chance, etc.
  18. After some testing I was able to do high 1,20. But I've changed coast from 0% to 5% and L:R balance to more even because I got spins while braking to t1 and t2. After that I lowered downforce to reach higher speed on straights but it didn't improved my lap times. Actually it did nothing lap time wise. Other then that I like it. It is very agile.

  19. I decided to do some driving a couple days ago after not touching the wheel for 2 months. It's definitely not the best setup out there for this track, my 1:18.690 is over a second slower than what the top guys will be doing I think, but this is more aimed for the people doing 1:20's and higher.

    The setup is pretty much the same as in Bahrain, just with higher wings, shorter gears, stronger engine brake map and 150 3rd springs. Setup, replay & motec are included in the archive.

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