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PC How to unlock all carrer races ?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by fizy45, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Although I have been using this forum for couple years this is my first post so firstly I want to say hi to you all...

    After playing many diffrent games I have decided to switch to asetto corsa and play the carreer mode but it includes many low ranking races and I want to skip them all so is there anychance I can unlock all carreer modes without playing them ?

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  2. Say for example you are a developer/modder and you want to mod the menu interface. You can use /dev command in steam launch options and it also opens up the career for you. They will look locked, but you can enter any one and play.
  3. how do I do that ?
  4. Steam library, right click on the game for properties, and click on set launch options. Then just write /dev. Now go try any locked event in the career.

    I think I can write this here, it isn't a cheat. But is sorta like in grand theft auto where you can use a code that the game allowed to be used, if you don't want to follow the normal gameplay path.