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How to shut your engineer up

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by David Allak, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Unfortunately this stops all speech in the game, including your Agent,
    probably the interviews as well.
    Only tested very briefly, so try this at your own risk.

    In ...F1 2010\audio\speech... rename or delete the file corresponding to your language.
    For example I renamed



  2. Wouldn't turning speech to 0% in the in-game audio options do the same thing?
  3. a bullet in the engineers head would have the same effect ha
  4. Yep, I didn't notice that!
    Please ignore me :)
  5. Not really... it would just leave a bloody big hole in my monitor! hehe :tongue:
  6. True true ha ha maybe a gag then or braking his mic ha
  7. how about the ability to talk back? and tell him to shut his piehole or at least give me good intel
  8. I like the engineer. Love his accent. Some of the comments are repeated to often but I can cope with that, I would much rather it in than not. Perhaps you have something against Geordies?
  9. Yeah, that bloody Geordie engineer just doesn't know when to zip it! He drives me nuts. One of my pet peeves with the game. He's so distracting and loves to say something RIGHT at a critical braking point or virtualy at any other unsuitable moment. Most unwelcome indeed. I have turned speech off just to shut him up, and the game has improved a good few million percent.

    Interview speech is also gets turned off, but the questions are written on screen anyway, and besides, you can always turn speech back on when out of the car.

    By the way, to tell if Mr chatter box wants you to come in for a pit stop, the line in front of the front wing on the car status OSD turns red. Since that's the the only useful thing old motor mouth has to say, you can shut him up and not miss out on anything at all.