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How to set up my steering wheel+pedals for rFactor2?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by rocafella1978, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. rocafella1978


    hi all, I am completely new to the PC, started with AC, now i am moving to all the genre's games to test it all out, but i am lost in wheel settings. so my request kindly goes out to all those pro's, experienced and knowledgeable racers out here in RD. what would you recommend for me to setup for my CSW V2 + CSP V2 (with shock modified/ upgraded).
    thank you all for your help in advance. (and apologies in advance for blunt and amateur post asking for settings!)
  2. rf2 is the easiest sim in the world to set up, just calibrate the pedals, map the buttons and youre probably good. if you notice a deadzone you might need to turn up the min force to 1 or 2% but that should be it...also turn smoothing off if its enabled.
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  3. On your CSW: SEN = off.
    Let the game controle your steering range. (Degrees of rotation)

    And like @yusupov said: just assign your buttons: Options ==> Controles
    Assign left/right steering, throttle, brake, clutch and gears.

    Next thing: Options ==> Difficulty:
    Turn everything off: only use TC, ABS, Auto-clutch if you want too.
  4. What he said.

    - Set smoothing to 0, or as close to it as possible, for as realtime as possible feedback(I use 0).
    - Seeing as you have a Fanatec wheel, I'd also recommend minimum steering torque at 0%. On my G27 I had to use 16.5%(0.165) to get rid of the FFB deadzone, or much of it anyway.

    The Fanatec preset you loaded should have everything else set up perfectly to begin with.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Some good tips above. plus

    I have the same wheel.
    On wheel stuff
    Sens: Aut Uses in-game
    FFB 100
    Sho: 50
    ABS: 95 makes the nice ABS feel when brake at 95%)
    Lin: off
    Dea: Off
    Dri: off
    For: 110
    Dpr: 100

    In game stuff:
    The following controller JSON has my button mappings and settings.
    It goes in user/player/controller
    Its got some mapping that works well for me. EG the left hand "funky switch" controls all pit actions; calling for a stop, selecting and changing all items.
    Top right buttons brake bias (handy for dynamic balance changes)
    Top left DRS. blah blah.

    I tweaked a couple of obscure settings like the vibrations on Kerbs as I was getting too frightened of using them due to fierce feedback.

    Things that work for me:
    In game controller settings....
    Throttle mapping response in powerful cars that can wheelspin 65%
    Brake response standard (100%)
    Clutch response 200%

    Most cars by the time I have set caster how I like it end up with FFB at 65%
    Steering lock and steering range. I came from a larger wheel and found that the smaller diameter (since my hands dont have to travel as far) allowed me to slow the steering a bit. So larger steering range or smaller steering lock in the cars garage menu. These two settings will between them decide the steering ratio. its
    Steering wheel range (controller settings)
    divided by
    Steering Lock (garage menu).
    Example: 480/15.5 = 31 (ok 30.9677) 31 is a pretty slow rack but works for me. A number of 20 is a very fast rack.
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  6. Don't know if it makes a differance, but i've got damping and center spring off.
  7. To me and my CSW v2 it sure wasn't as easy as @yusupov made it sound, with the default settings I felt the FFB was all over the place, bumps and road texture was extremely strong and I dared not get close to a kerb because that made my wheel vibrate so intensly hard I was afraid of waking up the entire block.
    I got some help from @Paul Jeffrey though, he sent me a JSON file (prob the one @David O'Reilly links above I suspect) and on wheel settings and now it feels pretty darn good.
    I did however add a wee bit of FFB smoothing to take away some of the wheel rattle.
  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I'm going to double check that, I turned the wheel on and not the PC it might be wrong, your settings there make more sense to me.

    You suspect wrong, that JSON is home grown;)
    The smoothing is a double edged sword. Adding smoothing will reduce some rattles but it lowers the update rate and you lose the high freqeuncy feedback that happens when the limits of grip/slip are being neared.

    Anyway I hope the OP enjoys his wheel. I got a nice moment when I was on track and corrected a slide before it occurred graphically or audibly in-game. But like Ricciardo when he did those mutiple corrections passing Hamilton for the lead in COTA at T16,17,18. Pure Jedi, not thinking. (Ricciardo not me)
  9. He got his JSON from someone here on RD, thats why I suspected it could be the same as your. :)
    I'll tinker with smoothing later on, but I honestly don't think I'll notice those finer details, I actually prefer when my wheel doesn't have a ton of small FFB details (aka road texture etc), I wanna feel weight transfer, traction and kerbs/massive bumps, not much else.
  10. rocafella1978


    guys, appreciate all the replies and information for rF2 I got! thx so much, very valueable! also thx to those who PM'ed me for rF2 wheel details! thx a million!

    HOLY ******* **** there are so many settings???!!! graphics and controller and assignments...wow!?!? do button boxes work with rfactor2?
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2015
  11. Hello. I just passed from G27 to CSW V2 +BMW GT2 wheel.
    I already own CSR Elite pedals for one year.
    I easily found good set up in iRacing but it took longer in Rfactor2.

    My question here is for GT mods users (APEX and Blancpain):
    It's me or default ffb value (1.00) in game is really weak for these mods?
    With Stock car I was oblige to reduce it but with GT mods it's light light light.
    Which value do you use?
    I know these cards have power steering but with 1.00 I really miss car feeling.
  12. Yes, AM GT3 cars' ffb are weaker than the ISI Camaro. Maybe 20% lighter.

    Is it too light? Depends on whether you're clipping or not. CSWv2 is going to have the power to easily get it equal to the ISI Camaro if you wish... it's all personal taste until you start clipping. To me it's not it's not so low that I'll change it as long as it's consistent across the cars in the mod.
  13. I guess you don't have Pcars. :D

    FFB settings:
    - FFB multiplier
    - FFB smoothing
    - Min FFB




    Yes, just click to assign a button and push the button on your buttonbox.

    How is your Spanish? Mine: not so good. :( But i believe this video is interesting.
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  14. Hello

    Rfactor2 sees my steering wheel and shifter but it does not see my heusikveld pedals.

    What am I doing wrong?

  15. Hey Mate, sorry to bring up this old topic but i recently got a CSWv2 and still trying to find a good set up.
    Could you share whatever you can to help me get it right?
    Maybe that JSON file?