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How to save your tyres

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ondrej Kapal, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I am asking for help about saving my tyres for longer races without pit stop. I have big problems with it, I can destroy my tyres very fast which ends in 2 or 3 seconds of lost in the last laps. I tried everything I can do, about dont push in the race, but it ends in lost of 2 or 3 seconds in my usual lap.

    I think it is a lot about braking. I saw guys are braking very late, but effectively, I am not able to brake the same way with that short range. And with long, I am slow. There is another question according this, maybe I am locking wheels when braking?

    I always brake with 95% by my foot, and usualy in setup I have 90-94% of brake pressure. I dont know how should I brake to have good result.

    Another thing according saving tyres would be turning, I learned to DONT turn by my maximum rate (450° I have in settings and I use 430° overall)... I dont know if is it good or bad, I couldnt see any difference when I turn max.

    Accelerating after turn I think I have well done (not maximum throttle from the accelerating point)

    Well, I dont know what to say more or ask for. But it is from race to race only worse.
    Thanks for any response!
  2. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium Member

    drive slowly and brake earlyer to avoid skidding, tyre temp, track temp tonnes of stuff help
  3. Turn less. What steering lock are you using ingame with your 450? - should be somewhere around 15-17 to be realistic.
  4. Disclaimer: <= fellow noob.

    You can usually tell from the screeching sound that you locked up. You can also look in the replay from an outside camera and see whether any tire suddenly stops turning altogether.

    Proper brake pressure and brake balance depend on many factors, e.g. FWD vs RWD, suspension settings (height of center of gravity, the rate of load transfer, etc.), traction difference between the front pair and the rear pair (caused by temp. or pressure difference, wear, downforce), entry speed, etc.

    Start with a low brake pressure setting in the garage, do some laps to bring tires to temp, and experiment with brake balance on the track (you can adjust it from within the cockpit). Go back to the garage, raise brake pressure and try again. Since locking up the rears is considered more unstable, the goal is to find a setting that locks the fronts first by a hair.

    Yes, the fastest guys brake very hard yet smoothly.

    If you think you are turning the wheel a lot for a corner, maybe your car is understeering. Take that corner slower and see whether you can make it with less steering. In that case you may need a better setup.

    By saving tires or fuel people generally mean "driving a lot better for the same lap time (or slightly slower)".
  5. yep use lower steering lock...more low lock means little angle in the tyres and this mean that is more hard have understearing and an excessive wear of the tyres!!! ;)
  6. I am using mostly 22 or 23 lock, is that much?

    Thanks, I will have a look on my replays :)
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    22-23 is a lot :D 14-18 My usual locks
  8. Way way too high. You need to be using 720 deg with that.

    If you want to stick with 450, use 14-17.
  9. Doesn't this depend how much you turn the wheel? I mean if you have 450 deg set up on the wheel and 23 deg lock in game, but are normally only turning the wheel 90 deg. each way..
  10. No, its still too high.

    If you want to run 23 lock, put your rotation on 720.

    You should only really be turning around 100 each way normally, obviously more on tight hairpins and coming out of the pits. If you turn that far on 450/23 you're scrubbing the tyres, whereas on 720/23 you're not going to be any slower and will wear the tyres less. I changed from 540/18 to 900/27, went faster and got less tyre wear.