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How to prevent my tyres from locking up?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by palo112, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. hi everyone,
    i have one question how must i brake when i have ABS-off whithout locking my tyres. This my 3rd f1 game. in every game i tried to brake whithout ABS, but my tyres are always locked.
    thanks for answers:)
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Gradually release the brake a bit before they start to lock. Be very gentle with them.
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  3. thank you i will try
  4. change brake bias to rear
    setup the car's brake to like 47 front / 53 rear o
  5. thank you bram now it is easier i locked my wheels in first race in melbourne 25% only 1 time.
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    that will not prevent lock ups when the braking technique of the driver is wrong.

    Basically when you are at high speed you can almost slam the brakes entirely while entering the apex youll have to gradually lift your left foot a bit and release the pressure of the brake pedal to prevent the wheels from locking.

    Not sure if locking up has some bad effects in this game though but thats a whole other (realism) discussion :)
  7. Understanding the principles of trail braking is HUGE in this game due to the way the car's handle.

    Firstly I recommend to anyone having trouble setting their brake pressure to "low".

    Mainly because you will lock up far less and will ease you into a more gentle brake technique without compromising much time/having to use assists.

    Just try to remember that you should be full brake into the heavy braking zone initially(think T2 Melbourne), and in straight line zones its as simple as learning to back off the breaks as your speed comes down and as you need to turn in, ideally releasing the brakes only when your car hits the apex. It's generally a sign you were perfect on the brakes and line when your car "feels" like it is going to spin but maintains balance on the turn-in and traction on the exit.

    Then when you have issues braking into other corners, take these factors into account.

    -Slope(braking uphill you can be harder/later on brakes than downhill)
    -Camber(off camber corners are more likely to lock than cambered-in bends where you can carry the speed)
    -Braking angle(for example if the braking zone is perfectly straight you can be harder on the brakes)
    -Speed of car entering braking zone(generally the slower you are the less brake you need).
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  8. Can I also recommend driving without racing lines and learning to pick out marker boards and recognizable scenery, that way you actually learn to understand how quick you can take your car and it's overall capabilities rather than essentially driving to a delta.
  9. I learnt that you should only brake when the car is straight... if not, the brakes lock up. :( If its a curved section, I just try to be gentle with the throttle and maybe feel the brakes here and there a bit....needless to say its slow...but I think playing with ABS off just makes it so much more real F1 than with ABS on. In F1 2012 I had a tire mod which also caused flat spots that seemed to coincide when you lock up the wheels...so it was awesome.

    Also...once I learnt how to race a particular track with ABS off...my times were a lot more faster as I was more precise with my braking.