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how to mod

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by shagwhan, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. shagwhan


    hi guys
    can i first say thank you to all who have allready created mods ive downloaded quite a few now and im really enjoying them, keep up the good work.:doublethumb:
    i am wanting to try to make a few of my own (cars and tracks) but unfortunatly dont know where to start, can anyone help me PLEASE......
  2. AndreasFSC


    Here's an excelent starting guide how to add a new car to the game:
    And here's a very useful giude about the rest (almost):
    What you need:
    WTCCED, freeware for decrypting simbin files. .inccar, .aud, .eng, .cam, .cas, .sp, .hdc files can be edited in notepad when decrypted.
    DDS Converter 2, also freeware for textures. Converts almost every image file to .DDS
    Zmodeller1 or 2 for 3d meshes. Zmod1 is free, Zmod2 is not. Zmod1 can't export .gmt files.
    3DsimED (you need to buy a license) for editing .gmt files from Zmod2 or to convert files from Zmod1 to .gmt.
    Toms Engine Shop-1-2.exe, freeware for editing torque graphs for engines (.eng files).
    SuspEdit2.exe, freeware for editing physics files (.hdc) and suspension files (.sp)
    Some programs are made for rFactor, but can be used for Simbin titles as well.

    And you do need a lot of time and patience of course:)
    Good luck!
  3. shagwhan


    hey thanks for that really helpfull:D going to get straight into it
    take care.