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How to lock camera?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by BoyGTA, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I wonder how can I make camera inside car to not move? when I play on polish roads it's impossible to drive, the camera shakes too much..

    Thank you!
  2. Try changing the "mass" setting to a higher value in the special.ini file
  3. It would be nice for this issue to be resolved.

    I think the shaking doesn't happen near the track origin, but as the car moves in world space further from the origin the camera smoothness goes away and is replaced by wobbles.

    A 'circuit' doesn't have this problem too much as even on the Ring it's only about 4 miles from end to end (or 2 miles from a centralised origin), but on a fairly long road track point to point you can go 5 or 6 miles from an origin and it's really noticeable!

    Not sure HOW it could be resolved, but there must be some elegant solution to it. Even if there is a relatively costly overhead for JUST internal views it'd be worth it because they can become as good as unusable anyway.
    I'd prefer lower fps and a smooth camera springing than fast fps with a useless jerky camera!

  4. Unfortunately, the fix isn't probably going to happen. Racer.nl has a bug report (P9), and notes say that it is almost impossible to fix.
    I reckon, it is hard to fix because of the architecture (or, the lack of it) of Racer.

    Basically, the bug is just floating-point precision error and should be addressed very early in development.
  5. Guys I fixed it more or less, in car.ini, I changed MaxDist to 0 on Driver View and the camera doesn't move anymore.. :)
  6. Looks like you have solved the problem, I'll have to remember that!
  7. Yeah, I remember reading that now.

    I've read similar on people doing space sims or something, with planet positioning issues. Probably a thread on RSC about it when this was discussed before.

    I'm sure though, if Ruud wanted, could write something that at least added random 'noise' into the system, something to take the blockiness out of it. Interpolating between values? Smoothing? I don't know.

    I've experienced this kind of thing before with coding on my own stuff, and adding some noise in or checking other values around it would be reasonable. It's obviously costing some processing time but it makes what is essentially useless, useful.

    In my case I was logging vehicle speed vs time. I used power = mass x acceleration x speed to get an instantaneous net wheel power plot. Problem was speed was logged in whole 1km/h increments, so as you can imagine my plot looked rather poor as the sample rate was quite high... even if I were accelerating at a reasonable rate, over 10 samples per second, I'd need to accelerate 10km/h per second to get a change in speed every sample, to even get a gradient to work off.
    So my plot was made up of empty power values then sudden ones, then none, then sudden ones again.

    I could either log rpm (much more refined, but have to hardcode and specify a gear), or look at the curve and lag the output by 1s and interpolate some new 'smoothed' values.

    There will be a solution, and it's probably only needed for internal car cameras/SMD cameras, and it won't be ideal, but it at least might make the feature useful rather than just useless and annoying!