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How To Go About Fixing Textures For a Mod that has been converted?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by TOOOlazy545, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hello

    Currently I am fixing up this f3 mod to bring it gsce standard. What I liked to know is how to I make the textures not show up low res in game? (before you ask yes I do not have my graphic settings turned down)

    If anyone could point to a guide or show me how exactly to fix the textures it would be appreciated!

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  2. hex


    Are you 100% sure you have set DirectX 9?
    Is that converted from the WCP mod? Because I too converted it, and no such problems.
  3. In my gscconfig.exe yes it is dx9
  4. I confirm, have the same problem as you @TOOOlazy545. It depends on the tracks. The windshield is bad with Bologna Hist, Cascavel, Interlagos HIst, Kansai, Ribeiro, Salvador, Taruma... Something about the coreshaders.mas (shared folder) could be responsible in relation with the track because there is never a problem with all converted tracks that doesn't require the new coreshaders.mas (i mean before v1.38). And @Patrick Giranthon, this mod (FIA_F3 2014) works with the new version of Monza but not with the new version of Spa, so maybe you can help knowing the difference between those two tracks that you adapted, difference regarding to coreshaders.mas maybe. Also, what i've noticed, is that when it doesn't work with the track, we couldn't see the 3 screws of the windshield of the car, seems to be important but i'm not a modder. :)
  5. A reason for this could be that in the carmod a cubemap is present that normally only is used for tracks. Thus it will overwrite/conflict with car and/or track. A good conversion of a carmod only uses Reiza standard carshaders/textures/mappings/cubemaps , so specific for cars, not for tracks.