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How to get the Mclaren?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ryan Robles, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I couldn't believe the difference in my lap times using the Mclaren vs. the others. Yet I cannot use the Mclaren in career mode? How can I use the Mclaren in career mode? Is there a code?

    Thank you.
  2. Select a Mclaren driver as your rival in the WDC.. if you beat him.. you should get an offer..
    but, just an info though : if you drove the mclaren in TT mode, i will assure you that, in career ur not going get those lap times.. no matter whatever car you use..
  3. yep not even with medi-evil witch craft or harry potters stupid wand, remeber going for a major team like that they will exspect you to finish in the top 5 and more sometimes,,,,,, up to you i just played the virgin for a couple of seasons until i get used to the car and then onto a team....your choice though........
  4. What is "WDC"?

    ..and why would lap times be different in TT vs. Career?

  5. WDC - World Drivers Championship.. Laptimes are " VERY " different from TT, coz In TT mode, the grip level is 100%, though i feel its probably more than 100%, the tires are running at optimum temperature, fuel load doesn't affect your car, the car has full upgrades, hence the better lap times.. and in Career mode, grip level gradually increase with each session. and if im not wrong, it never hits 100% grip.. thus the more realistic lap times.. give it a go, Pick a track in TT and then run a Custom GP on the same track (remember to turn tire and fuel sim ON in GP mode) as its more realistic.. and give a go.. you will see the difference..
  6. McLaren car is still very good in career, I assure you that, though nothing close to TT. If you're not going via the Championship rival way, to get to McLaren, your rep has to be above 36 (most of the time) for 7 year career. They are the hardest team to get to.
  7. You know considering this is f1 2010 I expected redbull to be the fastest not mclaren.....
  8. Redbull i found stability, Ferrari seemed better in turns, mclaren is fast.. mercedes stubborn B****** (i terms of getting contract)
  9. With turn tire and fuel sim ON I drove a 1:17.641 in Hungary (Last lap of the race with fresh option tires). Was about 6 tenths faster than my time trial time
  10. If you wanna be cheap just put difficulty on the lowest with 20% race distance and win every race in first season, you can select jenson or lewis as rival and get mclaren in second season as your team and bump the difficulty to where you want it for a good challenge.
  11. James Chant

    James Chant

    This is because you can run wide / slightly cut corners in race, wheras if you do this in TT, it will invalidate the lap.