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How to get a good performance with this game?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Frank Alexandre da Silva, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Ok...i give up on waiting for SLI support for this game and RF2 so i sell my 780 AMP cars and got a 980 TI AMP. Started Raceroom and the performance is still crap...reduced the shadows and now the fps is a bit better, but still terrible...must run vsync to get at least 60 fps and the input lag kills the feeling. The game is looking very bad too...i believe due the lack of shadows. Without vsync game is unplayable, too much stuttering, tearing, fps drops.... Overclocked the card to 1400 mhz boost and still no go... Whats up? With my system i can run Pcars at high details with fps >60.
    i7 3770k@4.2
    16 ghz RAM
    980 ti AMP@ +180 mhz.
    triple screens at 5760x1080
  2. Its not the first time i hear someone complains about low frame rate on a 980 ti. I have a hunch that it might be something to do with the new chip set.

    There a guy who had both a 980 and a 780 and swapped them back and forth and literally had no gain between the two. Now i could be wrong about this. Ill have to try to find the post again. I think it was on sector 3 forum or maybe steam forum.
    If you have your 780 you should test the same settings on both cards. Same resolution then select preset high in game or something and try the same race condition and see what frame rate you get on both.

    I have a Gtx 770 and it runs quite good on triple screen. I might have to delay my upgrade to a 970 or 980 for a while now. I don't want to upgrade and get no gain.
  3. basically new cards may have underwhelming results due to the old graphics drivers currently in the game. if try turning down lighting its a big drain. the upside to the old drivers is that people who cant play ac or pc can play r3e but people who have super high end machines may be underwhelmed.

    I have a 5 year old laptop and get almost 60 fps on lowest settings i cant play ac or pc at all.
  4. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    I have a 970 running 3 32" screens and I can run R3E at High settings and get a solid 60+fps even with full grids. I can run AC and PC at pretty high settings too. Granted, my screens are only 720p/60hz which helps.
  5. Can you post screenshots of your ingame-videosettings? Maybe that helps a bit to see what could be done.
  6. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    I'll try to remember when I get home from work. IIRC most settings are either at the highest or second highest setting except for reflections and maybe one or two other things I turned down a notch or two. But, like I said my screens are only 720p/60hz (I think my resolution setting is 4115x768) so if you're running 1080p120hz my settings might not work so well.
  7. This game is very demanding at the highest detail level but the biggest problem for you is your resolution. 5760x1080 is a LOT of pixels. I also have an overclocked 980ti and I can run R3E at the maximum settings at 2560x1600 resolution and my frame rate never drops below 60fps. However, I previously had two overclocked 980's in SLI and never could achieve the same frame rate as the single 980ti. I realize this game doesn't support SLI so I was only using a single 980 however the 980ti is about 25-30% faster than a 980 depending on the game so that was more than enough to get me over 60fps at max settings. At your resolution, there isn't a card available today that will get you over 60fps at max settings in this game. You had best wait for Nvidia Pascal.

    No offense Martin but what you have heard or read is a load of nonsense. I previously had two overclocked 780's, then two overclocked 980's and now a single overclocked 980ti. The 980s' were about 10-15% faster than the 780's and the 980ti is about 25-30% faster than a single 980. There's a noticeable increase in performance in each of those cards and a single overclocked 980ti will beat a pair of 780's in just about every case.
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  8. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    From the people Ive seen have 980ti's, they have had good performance at max settings, you have reinforced this thought as well. Those who try to run triples, max settings and high resolution, good luck, not exactly possible unless you lower settings. There have been some optimizations to the shadows and motion blur in the wip, so hopefully that will transfer over to the public version. Sometimes it will be good for us, then once its released something gets lots in translation.
  9. No offense taken. We are here to discuss this topic and its something i am interested in.

    What i mentioned could have been on previous driver/when the newer card came out.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the 970 would do better than the 770. My point is i saw many people report issue with the 9xx generation on cards in R3e and it does have me concerned.
  10. So - maybe some tips to get more FPS. Ingame VSynch should be turned off. If VSynch is needed, do it directly in the Driver. The Ingame VSynch costs some FPS.
    If my frames are still to low I first set Reflections to Medium, than shadow to Medium and than Shadow Split off. If this is not enough, I would turn motion blur off. The next demanding option would be Track-Details that could be set to Medium.
  11. Cool, just wanted to set the record straight. Its good information for anyone considering an upgrade.
  12. I'm not sure if the Problems with the latest Nvidia-Cards haven't been sorted out. The Complaints with FPS-Drops from players using a 9xx-Gen-Cards seems to come to an end. But the Performance-plus between the 7xx-Cards and 9xx-Cards aren't that big. Maybe because R3E is still using an DX9-Graphics-Engine.
    For the upcoming week an Update is announced. It was hinted by some Dev's and Closed-Beta-Testers that there are some Performance-Optimisations included. So let's see whats coming ;)
  13. I've been using the 9xx series since they were released and there was never a performance problem from day one. They have always performed better than the 7xx series. As stated above, I went from a 780, 980, to 980ti. The gain from 780 to 980 is about 10-15%, and the gain from 980 to 980ti is about 25-30%. Then there's the overclocking aspect. The 980's overclock considerably better than the 780's.
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  14. Did some more test...enabled shadow options and almost all other details to high. Track detail medium or high = very bad fps...30/35. Track detail low = steady 60 fps with vsync on + GPU usage on 60/70%. Cars looks really good now, but tracks with lower detail are very very poor. At least i can play now.
  15. Did you turn down the reflections? They eat a lot of FPS.
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  16. Tested the game again and now i am getting a much better fps than before with the 980ti. Something changed on a patch?
  17. a bit of shadow and reflection optimization not too long ago
  18. .. and that .. 'reflection optimization' .. broke the fps in the mirrors. Although everything else was running at a smooth 60 fps, .. the fps in the mirrors looked like it was running at 30 fps, .. or less. I found it incredibly distracting, .. not too mention, .. that it started giving me headaches.

    The only way to have mirrors running smooth again, .. is to set car reflections on low. :(

    Prior to this last update, .. I had every setting on it's maximum, .. and running at 2560x1440, .. with vsync on, .. I had a constant .. smooth, .. 60 fps, .. mirrors included .. :)

    .. so, their .. 'optimization' .. has had an adverse effect on my racing experience. :(

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  19. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    Turn vsync off.....I had a terrible performance with it on and could barely keep 60 fps
    I have gtx 970, i7 2600 with a 3440x1440p monitor and I can run max settings with x8 AA and I get 80+ fps and runs perfectly smooth with vsync off
  20. Vsync... on a racing sim... always fun to race with input lag.