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How to change to MIX3 in the middle of a race ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by The-Sheriff, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    How do you change to MIX3 in the middle of a race ?
    PC version, Cockpit view, 20 % Race, ALL AIDS are OFF. AI= LEGEND. All other settings are Full, damage, tyre etc etc. The engineer says something like "to ovetake the guy in front change to MIX3 now".

    When I searched this forum for "mix3" I get a lot of race results. When it is searched on the net, apparantly some console users can change this during a race.

    How do I change to MIX3 under a race for the PC version ? - cannot see the setting under Driving Controls.

    Or is it just fake comments..... ??
  2. ur not joking around right? nway to change fuel mix, look for which button is assigned in your game for "Quick Menu Up" under Driving Controls. while in race, use the Quick Menu to access "Fuel Map" menu, in it there are your 3 options Mix 1-3, select your Mix by using ur "Quick Menu Right" button. be aware not to use Mix 3 too long as it uses fuel up fast and u then will not be able to finish your race :) so change it back to Mix 2 or even 1 thereafter.
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  3. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
    kikz Premium

    I create a macro in Logitech Profiler and map it to a button on my wheel (G27). I do the same for all three mixes as well as for the tryre combinations. My settings anbd how to set your wheel up are here
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  4. Thanks guys - no it was not a joke - I totally overlooked those as I earlier interpreted them as Quick look buttoms, which I did not care about. Great :)