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How to broadcast rfactor race live,

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ihab Abbas, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hello gentlemen,

    I want to broadcast some rfactor events live, So what are the programs I need to do that? I will use justin.tv and or simrace.tv, and what program should give me the looking of the TV with the drivers names and rankings and gaps between them like when we watch a real race?

  2. I use http://www.xsplit.com for broadcast.

    For rfactor you can use http://www.ctdp.net/rfdynhud.html it can be edited much.
    My own edited rfDynHUD_v1.3.0_102 FiberdustTVstyle.rar
    http://rfactor.no-ip.info:100/RFACTOR1/ADDONS/M-R/rfDynHUD_v1.3.0_102 FiberdustTVstyle.rar

    And spotter 2.17 if you not wanna be commentator your self
    Then you set audio so you can hear your self talk in the headphones
    RFC is down so here is spotter 2.17 http://rfactor.no-ip.info:100/RFACTOR1/ADDONS/S-Z/SpotterPlugin 2.17.zip

    For other other games then rfactor it maybe exist other overlay addons i not now.
    The driver rankings in and gaps between drivers is a new thing in 2012.
    And maybe is hard to show.
    But you can do static picture to show with using x split it a very usefull broadcast program.
    But broadcast games is always have low Quality out.

    Wanna have the best looking show in rfactor for your viewers .
    You set server to allow spectators not allow spectators chat.
    Then can spectators join server and also join team speak in that room camera man and commentators is in to have the maximum Qualitiy of video and offcourse shall only cameraman and commentators have talk power and guest have no talk power just a test i have done and works good so spectators get maximum Q ..
    My live broadcast channel http://www.livestream.com/fiberdusttv
  3. Thx Kjell ,

    I am trying to do it now , but the rfdynhud_editor_launcher does not open and I don't know how to view the hud in the game!
  4. You have to upgrade something I'll check

    Edit: Requires to have Java 6 installed, you may have 7 but no 6, the launcher was build with JRE 6
  5. Ok thx,
    but where to get Java6?
  6. http://download.ctdp.net/rf/rfDynHUD_v1.3.0_102.7z is orginal the http://rfactor.no-ip.info:100/RFACTOR1/ADDONS/M-R/rfDynHUD_v1.3.0_102 FiberdustTVstyle.rar is my own settings and it need java to open the rfdynhud_editor_launcher.

    then you can test add and edit how you want it too look like

    look at read me in Plugins/rfDynHUD/readme.html first how to save what you have edit

    The version i have done is very big much because when do live broadcast the Q is so bad so to see it on a broadcast the text must be very large
  7. just quick question, anyone here racing the Sim Racing Australia Bathurst 1000, maybe it could be broadcasted live??
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  8. is there a broad cast where the live race does its own switching between cars, drivers etc? So no one really has to be in control as the host or person setting up the live race will be racing in it to.