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How to brake ._.

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by BullHorn, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. I just got the game and a G27, loaded the Abarth on a random track and drove. Whenever I try to brake, I downshift in order to prepare for the next corner. I usually apply a bit of throttle in between down-shifts to match the revs but I still lock my wheel and skid.

    Any tips or suggestions on how to improve? I'm not even bothering with faster cars yet...
  2. Faster cars might actually be easier to drive :)

    You can decrease the brake multiplier in the setup screen. Or simply try going easier on the brake pedal.

    If you get comfortable enough with the car, feel free to join us in an Abarth event this Wednesday :good:
  3. As I know, in real GT or touring car drivers generally does not use much brake to brake as much as we've done in other games.
    See this video.

    The circuit is that doesn't need much hard braking though.
  4. He makes it look so easy. Is there any other changes I should do to the config other than lowering the brake mult under 80%?
  5. As far as braking goes, I think that's the gist of it.

    Just try to get used to lower braking input.
    Press F8 in-game, you can see your braking and throttle input, could help.
  6. If it's front tire lock you can decrease brake bias(move to rear),
    and, you can make softer to the front or to transfer the weight of the car to the front with the car height of front and rear.
  7. After more time on the Abarth it feels like it's harder than a real car. A crispy bike. Any action leads into a wheel lock and loss of control or underbraking for understeer. Anyone got a video of him driving it so I could watch and listen to the engine? Spectating ingame is problematic because of latency/lag.
  8. I was planning on doing a few laps on the server later today. Not a good driver at all, but might as well record it.
  9. Here's a video, a couple of laps on Autumn Ring. Quite messy, I'm not a good driver :redface:

    Here's the telemetry as well:

  10. From the telemetry I see that even when you're braking, you're applying ~50% throttle before downshifting and while changing the gear there's a 100% throttle spike. If I even attempt doing that, I spin and crash. ._.

    Thanks for the video though, I'll inspect it more when I get home.
  11. Just the first one was on 50, the rest are ~20% or less. The spikes are just me shifting badly. Auto clutch for me as well.

    EDIT: the brake never goes past 70%, maybe that's what you've been doing different?
  12. That too. Also, you apply less brake the lower the gear you're in. Like you gradually go from 70% brake to 50% to 30%. I don't ever remember doing that in a real car. Maybe it just feels different with real brakes instead of a spring?
  13. I'm not a driver in real life, so no clue, spring brake is all I know :). Don't own a car, and since the driving test is about two monthly salaries here, I never saw the point in doing it.

    The lower brake input is probably because I'm going slower and slower, so no need to brake as hard after the original downshift. Haven't given much thought to it.