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How much setup work will be included in AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris Dark, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. How much setup work will be included in the game? will it be quite in-depth?
    I don't think i have looked forward to a game more than i do this. Looks and sounds sooo0o00o0o good.
  2. Uhh... What kind of setups do you mean? Car setups? Game setups? Racing setups? All?

    My only real reference for car setup is pCARS since I've been playing it since February, I'd like AC to have the same amount of options to change as pCARS but at the same time I feel uneasy about that, call me a noob but some times I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do in the setup screens. haha :roflmao:
    One thing that Kunos could do to solve my "noobness:p" is make presets for the cars with already set up configurations for different situations, like "More Grip", "Drifting", "Max Speed", "Max Acceleration" or "More Stability", things like that, and then you could give a finer adjustment to them if you wanted.
    Also, I'd really REALLY like AC to have more substantial car setup later on, be it officially or through modding, to be able to change car parts like, spoilers, engines, brakes, wheels, etc would be great.

    About game setup, I won't lie, I expect everything possible. Mostly because of the whole "100% mod friendly" thing.

    Racing setup things like, number of laps, number of cars, are standard in any game, in some other thread it was said there would be no pit stops in the first release, or weather for that matter, but they, and many more features, will come later on so I'm not worried. :)
  3. Hi, Sorry i didn't explain myself very well, the main question was towards car setup but thanks for covering all areas :)

    For the car setup i agree it would be good if they produced basic stable setups for the standard tracks, but equally part of sim racing i enjoy most is spending time on a circuit trying to dial in a car setup, so i hope they don't make it too easy in that respect.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I am with you on that Chris Dark but we must also not forget that the majority of the drivers have no clue how to setup a car as they don't understand the basics what to change.

    We need a sim that covers both. I hope that the ingame setup screens at least provide some basic information with tooltips or something basically containing the information from this setup guide that Ramon wrote a couple of years back .
  5. I like Gran Turismo´s system. that was nice.
  6. i asked about that via twitter, here's the answer he gave me

    @KunosStefano hi Stefano, talking about setups, are road cars gonna be able to change the setup? Maybe more limited than a gt car, for sure.

    Stefano Casillo@KunosStefano
    @LRatafia setup on road cars is very minimal, pressures and few other things
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  7. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    The iRacing solution seems like a good compromise for me.

    On one side, you have lots of fixed setup races.

    Then you have some cars that allow a basic setup (like the Abarth 500 in AC which I expect to be awesome for the clubs).

    Then you have the "advanced" open setup series with cars full of options.
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  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Personally the non-setup races in other games give me the most joy. Easy to get it without having to spend tons of hours on fine-tuning the settings of your car and its nice to race against others knowing all have the same material available as you.
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  9. Common misconception is that everyone will benefit equally because everyone runs the same setup.

    Fixed setup has completely ruined official racing in iRacing, hopefully for the RD league here the setups will be open.
  10. How has it ruined racing Hampus? I raced in a Scirocco Cup over at another website where the top 10 were covered by 5tenths. The 2x25 min races we had were the best and closest races i can remember.

    I presume that a fixed setup puts the emphasis on the driver and not the car?
  11. Sounds like you had a good group of drivers then.

    As far as iRacing goes, some series have been killed because the majority runs fixed (where you can´t even change BB) because they think it levels the playing field.
    The truth is that most faster guys will still put a second on you because it´s not the setup that creates the gap, it´s the driver.

    If you only use one setup for all it means a couple of guys will benefit because it fits them perfectly balance wise.
    While for others they can manage running a less then optimal setup for them.
    And for the rest it´s so far from their driving style that it actually hampers their speed.

    Scirocco is a slow car. The slower the car, the tighter the times usually.
    Do the same in an F1 car and one small mistake equates to 5-6 tenths in one corner alone.
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  12. Not necessarily; setups are not just about getting the car to perform their maximum under certain conditions like track and weather, it's also about suiting the car for your driving style and needs so you can push within your limits and are comfortable with it to be consistent. People have preferences and different driving styles and fixed setups limit those, benefitting those that are comfortable with the default setup whatever it is.
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  13. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    In iRacing, at least in the series I run, we are a few really making setups for every week.

    Most people just download setups here and there and race with them. Some of them have more luck than others, but I notice a lot of guys struggling with terrible setups to the point I shared mine and they improved immediately.

    With fixed setup indeed the field is more balanced, because good settuppers can not take adventage of a great setup that fits them 100%, and also nobody races with poor unstable sets.

    But it is also true (less significative in my opinion) what Hampus and diesirae said about fixed setup not fitting everybody equally.
  14. Most fixed setups i´ve tried in iRacing have been about 2 seconds off the real pace you can set and just generally feels like they have been put together by a monkey.

    The fact that you can´t even change BB is ridiculous.
    That is to me the most important thing to set up to feel comfortable.
    Not knowing if the rear end will come around means you are walking on egg shells for the whole race whereas with dynamic BB you can play around with it from corner to corner and fuel load to fuel load.
    And even tire wear etc.
  15. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Well I raced C6R fixed for two seasons and they weren't that bad :D

    Probably the approach of "few options only" is better, but for clubs I preffer the fixed over the open because the reasons I explained before.
  16. I just hope Kunos doens't go back to the "live garage" setup screen. It's annoying and takes longer to setup the car.
  17. Also by all that's holy please don't include force feedback and FOV values into setup.
    It drives me up the wall when after downloading setup first thing i need to do is take pen and paper and note my FOV, FF and driving position settings and then copy it into downloaded setup.
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  18. 100% agree with this ... there should be options to start a server with "fixed-setups" and "non fixed-setups" and people can just choose what they like more ...

    just had a race now in nKP RD ... at the practice there were very close times and i was predicting a very close race between the "default setups" drivers ... but then someone came with a "magic setup" and after somelaps most of us were just racing alone (especially the ones who kept the default setup)
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  19. Mapu


    I certainly hope that Kunos will add car setup options (which most likely has been already imported into Assetto Corsa). But since it is a simulation, I do hope that setup options of the simulated cars are limited to, or as close as to the setup options of their real counterparts. Also I do hope that Kunos will use real data and values, not some imaginary values.;)
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  20. Hopefully this time around, we'll not only get a metric setting option,
    That was my biggest gripe in NKP.
    I'd just drive the default settings, because it was just too darn time-consuming to sit there converting values for springs, ride height etc...