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How much is it nowadays?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kristóf Kerekes, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Hey there guys!

    I've been wondering about starting iRacing over again, although I can't say that I dug myself so deep into it last time, I'm getting more and more hooked on, despite the bad comments about tire model and the RUF, it still interests me at some point.

    How much does it cost to build up a sort of Road "Career"? I'm mostly into GT racing, so I would of course love to participate in one of those leagues. I'm especially interested about the cars and tracks needed to run the season and have most out of it. Every time I think about it, it's the excessive ammoun of money needed to spend on content if I wanted to take it one bit serious. Can someone sum me up the costs of it?
  2. Where are you now? Rookie or D? What content do you already have?
    It's hard to tell how much it will cost, because you can choose your own path and it all depends on which series/cars you want to race.

    About the costs, you don't have to buy all content you need at once. You can spread the costs of iRacing. In the beginning it wil be a lot of money, but once you have the content you need it will be much cheaper.
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  3. I'm not sure if I left at C or D, if you have an active subscription, do you mind checking it for me? Thanks :)

    I have Skip Barber, Road Atlanta, Oulton Park as additional content, which is pretty much nothing to begin with, I think.
  4. I don't know what would be the final costs but I do know the costs of a new car is $11,95 and a new track is $14,95. Personally I think the content you get for it is well worth the price (quality wise). :)
  5. Alright, someone checked out my Class with a live subscription and turns out that I'm Class C 3.86, if that matters at all.
  6. That means you don't have to start from scratch and you have some content.

    You could buy the Porsche RUF. You'll get 4 versions for the price of 1. There is a RUF Cup in C and the GT3 Challenge in B. That would save you a bit of money. Then you have to look what tracks you would need.
  7. And the Ruf also races a third series with the DP. Make sure to buy subscription time when it's $50 off, and buy the Ruf+5 tracks for about $60 you'll have quite a few series open to you, with something available every week.
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  8. I was summing it all up and look like I'm going with the following content:

    Watkins Glen
    Road America

    For the beginning I'll get a 1 month subscription, then order more at St. Patty's day, just because I don't think I can wait that month to begin. Thanks guys for all the info.
  9. Personally, I suggest getting just the Ruf if you're on a budget. The only McLaren series it races against the Ruf anyway.

    That said, if you're willing to spend some cash, go for it :thumbsup:
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  10. Thanks for the advices :) I already went with the content I listed up here, though I found a 3 for 1 promotion in my mailbox, so I used that, and got a 3 month subscription. I'm aiming to get into the B licence quickly and do the multiclass racing, that's why I got the MP4.
  11. The GT3 Challenge is a single class series, with multiple makes FYI.
  12. Uh, oh. That hit hard :p I thought, like in every logical way that if you put 2 cars of the same class which are amongst the same laptimes you would handle them as a single class. Well, it's still good to have 2 choices to race, I didn't regret it, still need like 0.10 safety rating to get involved in that series though.
  13. You'll have three choices once
    It'll be three choices once the BMW hits:)the GT series is quickly taking over iRacing. I just looked through the participation numbers of some of the other road series, and they're ghost towns, particularly the Prototype/GT series.

    There's a thread on the official forums about iRacing potentially putting the Ford GT, Caddy, and Corvette into the GT3 series (after some tweaking, of course). If iRacing is smart, they'll do this. Having this many makes would make the GT3 series even more popular than it is now, and might even attract new users.
  14. It was actually Steve tweeting that they were considering doing it that started the forum discussions.