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How many USB devices does GSC 2012 support?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by hwangm, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. hi Guys, anyone know how many usb devices does this sim handle? I have 5 usb connected (including the pedal) , rFactor does not recognize the pedal anymore so I have to connect it to the wheel just for rF .
    will this recognize it like iRacing or will it ignore some of my peripherals.
    ie how many maximum USB device can I have
  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    rFactor engine sims wont accept more than 3, as far as i know.
  3. You may need to reconfigure some of your USB devices in the chain so that wheel and pedals come up on top. Then the left over devices (button box?) you can map them with some sort of macro program so that when pressing a button it will activate a keyboard key. That's what I have to do with mine since I have 4.

    The important thing is that you get your controllers with the axis to show up among the top 3 controllers.
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  4. How can we force the top devices to have priority over the others? tutorial?

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  5. Yeah Im already using Xpadder for the SLI-pro and Cthulu Button box(combined)
    the 2 x Th8RS Shifter (one for handbrake) is also mapped with Xpadder, however , in rF , it won't even detect the CSP
    I tried to right click in control panel and go Make it a Priority for older games, it still wont recognize it.