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How long does fanatac take to ship stuff

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by razorseal, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Ordered a set of csr elite pedals couple days ago and still no ship notification. How long does it take them to send stuff out? I hope it's coming from a US location? Lol.... I did 2 day shipping and still nothing... any ideas?

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  2. I find about 3-4 days typically if the product is in stock. Obviously longer if not in stock. Selecting 2 day shipping wouldn't change how quickly they process your order and ship it, it would only affect the time it takes for the carrier to deliver it to you once the product has shipped from the Fanatec warehouse. I find Fantec's ordering processing and shipping time to be rather slow by today's online retailer standards but there's not much you can do about it. Just be patient and wait, they will ship it.
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  3. jeez... they're slow. I sure hope the pedals were in stock! lol
  4. monsieurjackb


    They were never slow for me, last April I ordered a Fanatec CSR bundle on the Sunday night, it was here by the following Thursday. I had a discount for the fastest shipping so I'd do a google search for that if I were you (unless you've already ordered)..it seems as though Fanatec itself is a mixed bag. Some people's products are flawless, a lot aren't. Some experience great customer service, a lot don't. The company seems to be a lucky dip in that repect, still my experience was/has been a good one :)
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    Oh and forgot to mention, it was shipped from Germany to me in the uk. Come to think of it, I'm not sure it was shipped until the Wednesday but like I said, it was here by the Thursday :)
  6. I'm in the US and Fanatec is slow here, can't say how fast they are in other countries.
  7. It was shipped out Friday and it's arriving today. waste of 2 day shipping :(
  8. I understand man.

  9. Blame the courier.
  10. Pedals are here. It took some frustration to invert the clutch and brake pedal but I got it finally. Not sure if it was worth the extra 50 but ohwell. I left the gas pedal regular...

    the gas pedal is SOOOO light though. I mean ligther than my DFGT pedal LOL. I tigthened the spring but it did nothing. I've heard this fastenal spring will make it much stiffer?

    ANother problem I have now is that the brake pedal requires good amount of force/weight to work (obviously) well now everytime I hit the brakes I'm rolling back on my desk chair LOL. I took the wheels off, but the center is raised so I was pivoting the entire time. Not fun... Not sure what to do about this now. I know playseat has a collapsible gaming chair, Maybe I can buy that... Sucks because I was going to get an obbutto in the next few months (maybe christmas gift) but It's pretty much unplayable and not fun with a rolling chair...
  11. Did you adjust the load cell sensitivity on the brake pedal? You can make it more sensitive if you're having to apply too much pressure to get the brakes to work properly for your setup.
  12. I made it the softest, but still slightly move back. I upped it a bit because the softest setting didn't feel the best.
  13. I know this is an older thread but I ordered items that were in stock and here we are 3 days later and still no tracking info?
    Newsflash - this is the US and consumers are used to having their items shipped expediently. I even tried calling the US number and no matter which department I tried to find a human being who may pick up the phone, voicemail every single time, for the entire day. Makes me wonder what kind of distribution operation they are running down there? Perhaps they think they are so awesome they don't need to bother with providing quality customer service/order processing? That's why I rarely purchase anything that's not from Amazon. Those guys understand logistics.
    Half thinking of cancelling my order as I was not 100% sold on it in the first place. But then I'll likely wait a month to get my money back!
    If you are reading this Fanatec - tighten up your business practices. You are not the only player in this market, and you should want to create good first customer impressions.... And so far you are failing.

    I ordered some SIM Racing gear from a company in Europe on the same day (Tuesday). Arrived today. That's pretty embarrassing actually....
  14. Found this post through google search and just wanted to update people on Fanatecs service.

    - On the morning of December 8th 2016 I ordered a Clubsport V2 servo, Clubsport Porsche 918 wheel, Clubsport shifter and Clubsport Pedals V3. Everything showed "In stock" on their website when I placed my order.
    - On the morning of the 13th everything still showed as processing, so I tried calling their office on their toll free number twice, but after being on hold it just went to voicemail both times.
    - Not being able to get a hold of anyone through their phones, I sent a message through their website form asking if it had been shipped yet.
    - A few hours later I got what appears to be an automated reply from Fanatec saying my order has shipped.
    - A few hours after that, I got reply from Fanatec support that simply said "Hello, your USPS tracking numbers are:" followed by the tracking numbers
    - On Dec 14th the products were given to USPS for shipping from USA to Canada, as per the information on the tracking numbers they supplied me for my order.
    - ON Dec 22nd 3 of the 4 products arrived. When I check the tracking number, one of them says the item was undeliverable.
    - I then notice that they didn't put the proper shipping labels on the proper boxes, which is probably what screwed up the delivery. The shifter had the shipping info for the wheel, and the wheel probably has the shipping info for the shifter.
    - I try calling their toll free number again and tried 4 different extensions, no one picks up any line.
    - I send another request through their website asking about the incomplete order.
    - I leave 4 identical messages detailing my experience on Fanatecs facebook page, on the four most recent posts.
    - It's now Dec 23rd, and I can't use any of this stuff because I don't have a wheel.
    - Fanatec replies to me on facebook saying I ordered my product on the 8th, and it was fully shipped on the 9th and that if I don't delete my "spam" posts they will block my account.

    So either Fanatec is lying about the shipping dates, or my four USPS tracking numbers are wrong and they shipped the product 4 days before the shipping label was created.

    Should I have left 4 messages on their facebook page? Probably not, but they weren't threatening or vulgar in any way. I don't think lying to, and threatening to block a customer is the right approach when you can't supply them with items that you're selling on your web store in a reasonable time frame when they show as "In stock".

    On the evening of the day I made this post the wheel was delivered. It went from being undeliverable and being returned to sender, to delivered... I had initially asked for a refund, because there was no way I was waiting another 15+ days for a new wheel to show up. Now that everything is here I am willing to give it a chance.

    First impressions on the equipment are great... 9/10. But their shipping and customer service on the other hand is a 2/10 at best. If you do order from them, just do so knowing it's going to take half a month to get your "in stock" order using the one and only shipping option they have. For me the worst part of the experience, other than a 15 day wait for shipping, was for them to lie to me about the shipping date.
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  15. So it appears Fanatec uses a company called Suddath Global Logistics to ship its items from the USA. Apparently there are 3 people responsible for shipping 2.5 million dollars worth of product annually for 20 different companies, and Fanatec is just one of those 20. Here is the LinkedIn information for the person that signed the customs form on my shipment:

    7 years of strong and diverse background in customer service, operations, logistics, including 3.5 years of highly effective supervisor experience
    Analytical and detail-oriented with a talent for foreseeing issues and developing new ways to improve processes
    Self-motivated with the proven ability to readily accept a challenge and respond to problem situations
    Ability to effectively communicate at all levels in English and Spanish
    Attention to detail and efficient time management, dealing effectively with multiple and shifting priorities

    - Supervise 2 employees that report directly to me
    - Responsible for supervision of 20 fulfillment accounts averaging 2.5 million dollars revenue per year
    - In charge of hiring and training personnel for customer service department
    - Process daily orders, book LTL and full truckload shipments, route shipments, submits ASN’s
    - Knowledge of routing guides and shipping guidelines for major retailers such as Sears, Target, Amazon
    - Coordinate labor requirements with warehouse and prepare work schedules for special projects
    - Negotiate transportation rates to keep cost low for our customers and improve our profit margin
    - Manage nationwide accounts for overseas clients

    Looks like the root of the problem is related to Suddath Global Logistics, sounds to me like the person above is responsible for their shipping and processes. Her duties cover most of the issues I've had with this shipment. I guess I'll never know if it was Suddath Global Logistics that lied to Fanatec about the shipping date? Or if it was Fanatec that just lied to me about it? I wonder where that phone number even goes to? Sounds like they might not even have a US office, or it at least explains how stuff gets done when no one is ever there to answer the phone.

    If I were Fanatec I would consider the following:

    a) Remove the toll free phone number from the North American website. What good is a phone number if no one ever answers it?
    b) Find a company that can do their job better than Suddath Global Logistics. Shipping to Canada was over $200USD. It took them a week to give it to the shipper, they put the wrong shipping labels on the wrong boxes, and weren't even able to deliver the package in full.
    c) Don't lie to customers about shipping dates, then threaten to block them on facebook, when all they want is the product they paid for in a reasonable time.
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