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How is rFactor?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Austin Jordan, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. For christmas i got the Logitech G27 and it came with rfactor. We tried to download it onto my computer but i seemed to take a while so we didn't download thinking it had viruses in it. I wanna know if thats the case or it's just because it's an old game. Also tell me how good it is so i will consider trying it again.
  2. The version you get with the G27 is a demo. And rFactor is only a little older than RACE, the variety is phenomenal. Download speed has nothing to do with how old a game is! Just how fast the server/your connection is.

    A slow download will NEVER mean a virus. That's not logical.
  3. Thanks Ryan
  4. Watch that to know how is rFactor....
  5. looks good... but is there dirt, karts, and stock car racing in it right? if only i can find it for a good price. What else is included in the game? what can i download that is really good?
  6. Check out rFactorCentral. Best mods are rated 430/500 and above. Dirt stuff isn't great aside from illegal tracks, but everything else is great :)
  7. Karts are not so great really, but there's only so much mod teams can do with karts on rFactor - but a bunch of Aussies have been working on a new kart sim all together though, their website is here. Although, it's been in development for a looooong time, I spoke with one of the developers a couple of months ago and he said it's still coming along. Here are some answers to questions I asked him:

    1. About how far through finishing the game are you? A while. It's a huge job and we're doing it properly. We'll be releasing it piece by piece so people can start on it, like Live for Speed. Probably 4 tracks at first and gradually release new ones as they are done.
    2. How many tracks will be included? We're hoping for around 10
    3. What classes are in it? Haven't been finalised yet, but the main Aussie ones at least.
    4. Can you make your own stuff for it like in rFactor? Yeah it's going to be super modifiable. Much more than rFactor even.
    5. How much will it cost and where from? Not sure yet. It'll be a download from things like Steam. Boxed versions are fairly unlikely
    6. What kind of FFB has it got? Proper FFB based off the steering geometry
    7. Finally, is a beta/demo planned on being released? Our beta will be given out to the mailing list at www.kartsim.com

    And a couple of little notes worth mentioning:

    - "You can trail-brake and the chassis is made up of physics particles to simulate chassis flex etc."
    - "The tuning will be able to do just about anything to the chassis you can in real life, seat stays etc. Because the chassis is made up of individually defined struts."
    - "It looks like we should be able to use real licences as the kart manufacturers are keen on the idea."

    You can sign up to the mailing list at kartsim.com and you'll get any new news, as well as be a beta tester when they finally get around to it.