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How he did that? I'm still 1 second slower

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by TheTaker, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. I'm enjoying Fourketa kourva with Fiesta recently.
    Handles very well, and track is very fun-to-drive.
    My best time was something like 2:49 few days ago, so I searched for other people driving that car on that track.
    OK, its 2:38.... but.... how?

    I've managed to do 2:43:960 after few days and it's my best.
    How is this possible to do 5 seconds better?

    I watched the video, recorded my own and started analizing.
    On the first split he have 0:40:705 seconds.
    I had 0:42 while driving like crazy.
    So I focused to do the best as I can on that first split - so it shortened to 0:41:200-700.
    It's still one second too slow.


    I had 0:40:900 ONCE, but I crashed afterwards, and I cannot repeat that.

    I've tried to edit car setup, brake later, shorten gears, longer gears, shift later, shift earlier, and my time is still 0:41:and someting
    Could anyone tell what I'm doing wrong?

    My video:
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  2. I didn't realised that engine braking is so much stronger than just foot brake. The key is to brake as late as possible, but no engine braking before hairpins caused to loose traction.
    That guy is driving sequential paddles, I drive H-shifter + clutch, and I'm very good at this. Unfortunately not that good to downshift so quickly through all gears :D
    I get used to drive H-shifter so much that when I try with paddles my hands are just messing around , and I don't know what to do at hairpins :D
    I set handbrake to right paddle and don't know what would be the best for it if not that paddle...

    I got 2:41:510 yesterday with my manual driving. I have to mod my G27 shifter to do sequential in some way... and times will be better.
  3. There are numerous mods for seq gears but the cheapest is rubberbands one ;) And it is very effective as well!