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How do you rate RF'2 gameplay/physics?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Jonney Richards, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. 5 - Perfect gameplay and physics. nothing needs to be improved

  2. 4- Almost perfect, only a few tiny things to make it a masterpiece

  3. 3 - Decent physics/gameplay. needs a bit more work on it

  4. 2- Below par Physics, not as good as previous RF1 game

  5. 1 - Terrible physics/gameplay. he worst compared to other racing sims

  1. As the title says, how do you rate it?
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Overal decent but with a note for me:
    - awesome physics / handling for the classic open wheelers
    - average for the meganes
    - poor for the Formula 3.5, which feels totally wrong to me
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  3. Exactly :)

    Of course we still have to get a few updates regarding tires and environnement...
  4. Precisely the same as Bram, so my vote is at 3 :) Can't imagine anything but the Formula Renaults being a blast to drive; with the proper physics and everything ofcourse :)

    EDIT: However by no means does this mean the game has "BAD" physics at all, as my vote indicates ofcourse, but, this being a beta there is so much room for improvement that it's really just a "physics at the moment" vote more than anything :)
  5. I agree with Bram completely. I hate the handling of the Formula Renault, but I'm not sure it's necessarily unrealistic. The classic Formula cars are excellent though, I'm thoroughly enjoying them. :)
  6. Exactly my thoughts to Bram!!! And I'm very pleased to hear that from you Bram as I think we generally have the same taste in Sims/physics, so I'm glad it's not just me thinking the F3.5 is all wrong!!!
  7. Yeah, the FR3.5 feels really weird indeed...
  8. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    3 - still needs a bit better optimisation (YES I KNOW IT'S A BETA!) but Graphics are very good
    - Like the Megane and Classic open wheel physics
    - Not sure about the FR 3.5, feels wierd
    - Some issues with lag spikes on multiplayer but I'm sure that will get fixed

    It will really come into it's own though when we get some decent mods out there :)
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  9. FR3.5 is weird, very weird. Megane physics are good, but man, F1 Classics... INSANE! :D
  10. FR3.5 is weird for me too :)
  11. Had a right old few hours in the FR earlier, and boy is that thing hard work!

    Simply put, you just have to sit in it and get a feel for it. It does handle totally differently, but with some help from the guys in the server I was in I got to be within a few seconds of them from being nearly 10 seconds away at Sepang.

    Hard to explain, but at Sepang there are a few areas where the track is so bumpy it seems to upset the FFB and the basic car as a whole, makes it jump around and almost hop. Turn three for example the tight right on the hill after the first few mickey mouse bends the exit is like glass, the FFB just loses all feel, is this coz the front is light? Is it coz the track is missing a bit of grip? Not sure.

    But with a bit of track time and sort of willing yourself that you CAN take this bend flat, and you CAN string that left right flick at T4/6 together nearly flat in 5th and you eventually work it out. The FFb weights up beautifully at speed and you can really feel it bumping around, and I have notchanged any settings at all in the ini or anything, straight into RF2 from RF1.

    Now, I dont know if this is pure genius from ISI, or a complete fluke, but you really get the feeling that you have to honestly and grittily LEARN the car.

    The Meganes are what you would expect, similar to RF1 ones, a little twitchy as rear engine, but fairly good. Aliens will always find seconds, but the rest of us can have a good Rod round and enjoy. Not my kind of thing, but fun as RF1 proved, for 5 years always the most popular servers.

    60's are a ltitle similar to FR, in that it takes a lot of seat time and experience just lapping to get the best out of them. I have only lapped at Monaco as I dislike the long Spa track, but seriously, you can really get down to it and learn the lines, learn the feelings that make the car twitch and loose, until it becomes intuitive.

    As I say not sure if it's just me but I am starting to get a real immersive feel, and believe me when you get into a server and guys are going 10s a lap quicker its easy to walk away. But I got within 3 at the end.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You know what would be funny? If we were all wrong and the FR3.5 is the most realistic sim car ever built, haha.. Don't think many of us have ever driven a FR3.5 (I was too tall for a Formula Ford already haha :D) in real life.

    But from a gamer perspective the car needs too many setup changes to make it driveable. But its still beta.

    After playing the game for a week now I have the impression that the historical cars and Spa are more or less finished and the other content is not. Compared to Spa the Sepang circuit, Mills and Estoril feel incomplete and perform a lot worse than that monster circuit from Belgium.

    A lot to improve still but we knew that upfront when we had to throw our money to ISI to be the first in the beta :)
  13. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    offline I am having decent fun with. I was hoping though that not every little ego would jump in the beta and we could have some open server fun with some serious racers. It's saddens me to see that good fun can only be had behind a passworded or decently adminned server, I am not used to that any more, but it was to be expected.

    Now that I got some speed in the megane I can see its fun. I find it a blast to get it round mills. Brings back found memorys.

    I am now going to wait for th first update and hope that it runs a bit smoother then. For now i go back to the dark side. See you in the next build.
  14. What I hate is the F3.5's FFB. Mid corner, when I turn the wheel, it becomes very light past a certain point and is very hard to be precise. Maybe this is how it is, but just feels spongy to me.
  15. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Drove Formula Ford years ago and from what i remember they handled great unless you were to rough, then you were ploughing fields. So dont think were all wrong on the FR 3.5. Which even with care you can get it all wrong.
  16. Believe ISI already said they did something wrong with the Formula Renault and the physics. :)
  17. Isnt this thread a little pointless? Until proper mods are released we wont really know how good/bad rF2 is. It would be like rating the original rF standalone vs. rating it with the FSONE, LMS, etc.. etc.. mods. rF is a development platform and never was a "great" game on its own (the mods made it fantastic).
  18. No mate. this thread is to rate the gameplay/physics as it is and if many people are impressed and happy with its gameplay and physics then this game will only get 10x better when proper mods come out
  19. But the physics arent finished yet. So its hard to judge atm. ;)
  20. Physics are part of the mod. What does game play mean?? graphics? ffb? physics? tracks quality? etc.. mod, mod, mod and mod... How would someone rate the original rF "game play"?? horrible? poor boring?