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How do you get a good start?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Zzyzx, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    How do you get these cars off the line neatly? In every car I have the same problem with getting them to leave the pits without stalling or launching them off the start line.

    For the pits the only method I've discovered is to floor the gas and dump the clutch. This results in a pit box full of smoke but at least it works. It's the same for the minis, the F3s etc. (It also helps to turn off the pit limiter).

    I just tried a race with the Formula Retros and the start was a total shambles. I had to keep restarting until I got away clean. I find it hard to set the gas and keep it at a steady point and even then the only setting that results in forward motion is to just keep my foot all the way to the floor. Secondly, when I do get away it amounts to wheel spin and me weaving down the straight narrowly avoiding the other cars.

    I assume this is supposed to be 'realistic' or something but I would appreciate it if someone knows of a reliable method that works.

    Are there any experts out there who can help? Advice for the Formula Retros would be greatly appreciated right now. The AI seem to have no problem and sit there revving their engines like there's no tomorrow.

  2. Try to adjust your clutch sensitivity so the pedal will take effect sooner (i.e., more sensitivity). After that, try to "muscle memorize" where is this point (when the clutch really engages). You'll want your leg to memorize the spot, not your brain, in order to "keep in on the edge" when you're about to spin. Then, 1 sec before launching, press accel to the metal and release the clutch just to this point, and then try to "hold it" correcting very slightly to avoid stall and/or spin at the same time. The trick is to maintain the car under max revs possible while still maintaining grip (it will not be full revs, of course, because as soon as you release the clutch, the revs will drop a certain amount as the car starts to roll). Takes some practice, but once mastered, becomes second nature.
  3. OK I will have a go tomorrow.
    Thanks :thumbsup: