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How do you deal with (not) restarting career races

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by ShadowXGold, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. This is something I've always wanted to know. I've always had a problem racing championship/seasons (in ANY game) because I would make mistakes and restart races. Restarting is cheating and nullifies the standings (IMO), but I don't know how to resist.

    I may practice for a long time at my favorite track, then a crash/spin/penalty on lap 1 and then what? I don't feel like racing my favorite track (or any track) a lap down. I hate restarting, but I can't not restart because I'll just explode if I have to just forget about the race and move on.

    Um, so how do you guys deal with this? Its the worst part of racing career mode imo.
  2. In those situation, I just tell myself this is just a game. And there's no cheating in single player. It's either have fun or frustration. And if you look at it your way, not getting paid millions for winning a race is cheating too :tongue:
  3. lol. It not that I get mad. Its that its hard for me to swallow the fact that I looked forward to a favorite track and I'm just expected to forget about it and move on to a track that I don't like. To me, THAT is no fun. Neither is continuing off the pace. So the urge to restart is too great. On the other hand, that totally screws up the whole point of a championship season.

    SO, my question is does anyone else have this problem and how do you handle it.
  4. Dude, just forget about it and move on. I've DNF'd 3 out of 7 races so far in my season, just tell yourself you will do better in the next few races and I have. Gotten in the points 3 times in a row!

    If it is a first corner incident I will restart but if you are in like the middle of a race I wont. Probs because I do 100% races and cant be bothered doing all that driving again.
  5. So you DO restart then. I got carried away at Singapore, restarting like 26 times. The problem with restarting that many times is the race does get boring when you are "stuck" on it. But I didn't want to walk away from it.

    Winning after all those restarts would be too easy and cheating (as if restarting 26 times wasn't) for me, so I purposely dropped to last on the start and put myself in a position where if I made it to the top, I deserved it. I finished 2nd. It was a good race.

    But that seems to be my problem. I can't seem to just forget about it and move on.
  6. I'll flashback on stupid penalties or backmarkers going crazy at me. Won't flashback penalties I deserve (I'll watch the replay!), nor spins or crashes which weren't caused by crazy AI. Sometimes I restart on the first corner if the AI braking point catches me out... never quite sure when they're going to hit the super-early brakes and with the damage increased taking off a front wing by tail-ending somebody who decided to stop in the middle of the track is quite easy! I won't tend to do this often though as usually I can react in time to avoid hitting them, and it's very rare I have to do it twice in a race.
  7. I never restart. In real life you wouldn't be able to and in the game I try to make it as real as possible. If you make a mistake then so be it. It matters not a jot if you win, lose or crash out.
  8. I never restart. In real life you wouldn't be able to and in the game I try to make it as real as possible. If you make a mistake then so be it.  It matters not a jot if you win, lose or crash out. As for flashbacks, being on legend I dont get any, buts thats what I want. I hate arcade console racing with flashbacks. Hardly a race sim with those stupid things.
  9. It's OK, but hey, it's video game, meant to give fun. I don't see fun from ending races on first corner. I'm restarting when things is not going well on few first laps... But there are 50-70 other laps to prove myself that I'm good driver (yea, I've just finished European GP in Career, full expert, I haven't restarted... but I destroyed my front wing on pre-final lap and lost 5 positions. I need more practice...). Of course if you are running 100% (which is giving alot of fun :))
  10. Yep, that's what I said. On the first lap.
  11. On f1 2010 I would restart some races alot, (just to get the best possible start to a race). I was using other peoples setups so I hardly did much setup/quali/race preperation so I didnt no my own race pace, all I knew was the setup was quick enough to get me a good starting position. With this game I do all my own setups so I do alot of prep. If you dont already, test your setups so you no your race pace, try some practice starts on GP mode (as it doesnt matter if you get a penalty for illegal blocking or something like that), do high fuel runs so you no exactly where your car is come race day. Trust me once you no your race pace you wont restart races anymore.
  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Just depends on how realistic you decide you want it.
    In 2010 with 7 seasons I treated 1 and 2 aspractice and warmup seasons.
    With 5 seasons I want it all more real.
    As my pace and knowledge improved I wanted a more and more realistic/challenging environment.
    (Williams-Expert mode year 1)Two races ago I got a drive through on lap 1 at Calalunya in a wet race. I kept going and came 17th but prob was not going to be in the points anyway.
    Last night I qualified P10 for Monaco and had a real chance for the win. Guess what I did a couple of restarts. So I guess I'm not on a pure realism mode. I did get the win.
    So its up to you. But prob some personal rules will add to realism. Maybe no restarts after lap 1?
    Some of the most memorable races are a fightback for a points finish after adversity though.
    If you always restart you will deny yourself that experience.
  13. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Well the only time ive restarted a race in either 2010 or 2011 is when the recording of the race, most recently Catalunya the race I just uploaded I was about lap 47 up in 6th holding off a Rosberg when the driving suddenly becomes ultra smooth (which told me my recording has stopped) I raced for another 10 laps trading places with Rosberg until I had to restart because I would kick myself in the teeth if I finished and found out i only had half a recording which turned out to be the case. I ran out of hard drive room. Also restarted a qualifying in Melbourne when my engine blew up on my outlap (wish I hadn't now).

    But from other race vids you can see I take the rough with the smooth so no restarting because of accidents or penelties.
  14. Someone should make a mod so u cant restart races while playing a career
  15. I almost with the points system was more like NASCAR (where every position counts). I really do not see the point (no pun) in racing for 11th on back. You do not get points for those positions and its a waste of time. So after getting a drive through penalty, I might as well retire. (I race 20%).

    I also find practicing for races boring. Especially learning the tracks. I've honestly had more fun in single race (Grand Prix) mode where I get to choose my car (I get TIRED of looking at the same car every race) and have more fun. Maybe I should use single race as practice for each career race.

    I do like the idea of saving flashbacks strictly for ridiculous penalties.
  16. I restart when the AI cars cause me to get a penalty, or if I do something really stupid at the start, otherwise I just race on. In the first season with Williams things were tight, but I moved to Ferrari in S2 and things just came easy, perhaps too easy that i've only completed a few races since starting my second season, haven't played it in a while.
  17. Do you really need a mod to tell you what you can and can't do?
  18. Yes just cant help myself lol
  19. I have not raced yet in F1 2011 (I just got the game a few days ago) but I installed a damage mod in F1 2011 and I am going to have to really watch where I put my nose in these races as this mod appears to actually damage your front wing versus the abuse you could put the front wings through in F1 2010 with little effect on your car's handling. With that said, in F1 2010 if I was involved in an incident on the first lap regardless of who was at fault I would restart the race (it's only a game and the purpose of the game is to have fun). But once I am a lap or two into the race I usually am able to keep it clean and never restarted. I only do 100% length races, so restarting a race 30 or so laps into a race is rather time consuming. I did need to restart and rerun an entire German GP race once, but that was because my entire system crashed only a few laps from the race's end ... I was pissed :D.

    Being new to F1 2011, I am thinking of doing an initial season in Grand Prix mode instead of career. This way I can get used to the new KERS, DRS + multiple pit stop strategies without worrying about the team goals (which are never realistic when you are driving the lower level teams). The only downside to doing a season in Grand Prix mode I figure is the car will not go through it's mid season upgrade evolutions. I would assume that every car is fully evolved in Grand Prix mode.
  20. If you choose one of the lowest teams (HRT, Lotus, Marussia-Virgin) you won't have KERS. So you have one season to get used to the new handling, the DRS and the tyre consumption and (hopefully, as I am still in my first season) in the second season you switch wo a bette rteam and add KERS to this..