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How do Talent Files work?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by SunDevil, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I just found out that the Talent Files in Race On can be changed with rFactor Talent Editor and so I added some talent files for add-on cars (I changed the driver names for those cars and therefore added talent files), but.....does it work???

    If I add a car to my Custom Skins folder (Race On Offline) and simply create a talent file which I save into the Talent folder of the Race On folder, which ofcourse has the same name as the driver of the new car I added, is that working than? Does Race On use this Talent File for that car/driver??

    Many thanks,

  2. it should....
  3. :) I know...but, after a little more research I found Tom's Driver Tool and there he explains that there are even more talent files under the Addon Folder. Searching there I find talent files for all standard GT drivers (GT Pro, GT Sport etc.). This time not single files, but files with a max. of 9 drivers. I editted these files and added more drivers, I am not sure if this works though?
  4. i have only every put them in ...\GameData\Talent\
  5. Hello. I have a question about Talent File. If I create a Talent File for Yvan Muller, does he work ? Replace It the "basic" Yvan Muller's talent file from Race On ?
  6. most likely not, you will find that his country flag doesn't work and he will not have either the SimBin talent or your newer talent :(

    If you want to make a skin and in the .ini you call the driver Yvan Muller 2009 + make a talent file with the same Yvan Muller 2009 you will have an updated driver talented like you wish.....
  7. Do I also have to name the skin car folder's "Yvan Muller 2009" or not ?