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How do i trigger an engine failure?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kimi450, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I am playing the game for 1 day and i havent experienced a engine failure, does anyone know how can i get one
  2. Too high revs. I had one round Canada earlier. Its just f*cking epic. I set my gear ratios up wrong i suppose and it just blew. You just ned to rev the engine. It blows quite fast tbh
  3. I dont use manual gear box ( dont know how o, too tough for me :( ) Is that the only way to have a blow
  4. It sometimes just happens. I have done a whole season, and it blew once.Tbh, you dont want your engines blowing. You only have 8
  5. Not in carrier mode in gp mode, i want to see the fire blow from it. soooooooo curious btw how can i turn penalties off in the game ( sorry for offtopic question )
  6. ive not had an engine failure but i have had a DRS failure in qualifying. Luckily i was able to use it again a short time later but scary none the less when your after a decent hot lap.
  7. how did you get it ( over use or what and in which lap )
  8. How to get an engine blow up:===> Drive on the pit straight at high speed (preferably top of 7th gear) and shift down super fast to gear 1...TA-DAA! your engine just blew up!

    Hope this helped
  9. I tried it on canada straight but it doesnt shift from 7 to 1 it shift from 7 to 5 or 4.... WHY !?!?!
  10. Turn all assists off,and when you down shift keep your foot floored on the gas =)
  11. Well it did it but there was no fire blow behind just plain smoke
  12. could be graphics settings, I haven't seen any fire yet and I've blown 3 engines.

    I play with everything on low
  13. No special effect or particle effect thing is on very high ( TOP MOST )
  14. I DID IT !!!!

  15. hahaha very silly but it does look great
  16. sadly it was the only time i got a crash like that with the fire blow :(