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How can i speed up the switching between the series ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jan Mikuž, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Can it be done ? Is it cpu related ? Use the Blancpain UI, maybe, as a workaround ?

    The time it takes to switch between screens is too long imo. Especially the first 1,2 clicks when you enter the game. First 2 clicks usually take me ca.30s. After that it takes ca. 5s to switch between screens. It's very tedious clicking my way all the way round...

    Ok, it's not an enormous issue, but it is hindering the user experience a bit. There was an improvement some updates ago, i think, but now it's slow again. My G1610 celeron may also have smth to do with it...or some mod rfm (i have a couple), maybe. Don't know...

    Why does it take so long to load the screens ? I need to have it switch instantly. Or have the series selection simplified. It's that modern age impatience, you know...:D

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  2. It is HDD related. The time it takes to load a mod series is the time it takes to load the files from the HDD
  3. 30s / 5s for a .jpg image ? Or is there some other data that it also needs to load ?
    So theoretically an SSD could help speed up things ?
  4. An SSD of course is going to help but... 5 to 30 sec to load a mod??????? HDD model & specs?
  5. It is a real pain. I agree with you. I'd recommend using another ui, like the Blancpain one (I think that's the rfactor ui). it helps
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  6. The first 2 clicks immediately when i enter the game are 30s, Oscar. After that it's ca. 5s per click.
    Hdd: 320gb WD Blue smth
    other specs: G1610/4gb ram/win 7/r7 250x

    Yeah, i'll give it a try perhaps. I don't particularly like the look of it, though... Do you know if the color scheme can be changed at all ?
  7. Looks like your HDD is very busy doing other stuff (background programs) or your HDD has defective sectors (retries)...?
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  8. I just add every series to the "all tracks/cars" rFm and leave that as the default first menu. Once it's loaded (and it doesn't take too long for me), no additional loading is needed.
  9. Been using that mod UI for a week now and it improves the menu/options navigation and the loading times substantially. This is how it should be by default, at least in terms of the speed of menu navigation and series selection...

    This modded UI is a great alternative until Reiza decides to make something better.
    Great job on the UI by the author(s). :thumbsup:
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  10. It would be better if it lists all the mods you have installed so you can then select the mod you want to drive. So using a different UI helps in that respect. Paging through all the mods to get to the 1 you want to drive is slow. does not matter what hard drive you have. I run a SSD & it takes to long.

    Maybe @Reiza Studios can help make it faster to select a different mod to play.
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